Analog EP8: Whip It Good! For Justice!

Josh and Theo are back to chat it up during a pretty interesting news week, and announce a winner for the first Analog giveaway! Covering the latest news and views on the coolest pop culture has to offer!

The Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer, the DC Network, some fun video game news, and a ton of release dates fill out the 8th chapter of Analog! Check out the links below to listen, and please be sure to rate and review us on iTunes!


New Comic Books: April 26


The last several weeks I have been spending a lot of my free time catching up on various comics, such as a majority of the DC Rebirth stuff, and a few select titles elsewhere that have piqued my interest over time. Well, now that I’m caught up, I can finally keep up with the latest releases, and give some insight into what the hell is going on in the crazy world of comic books. Beware, for there will be plenty of spoilers throughout my reviews on these titles.

It was a pretty good week for DC, with two major story-lines to continue, and a fun new crossover event starting. It was also a great work for unique books, as well, with Doom Patrol, and Aliens: Dead Orbit hitting stands.


This week’s Flash saw the second chapter in the major arc, The Button, for DC Comics, with the Flash and Batman teaming up to discover the reasoning behind Thawne’s sudden death, and the disappearance of the mysterious button that was lodged into the Batcave upon Wally’s sudden appearance in the cave. We all know that the button is of course, the Comedians from the Watchmen.

This book did a lot of great things, furthering the bond between Flash and Batman and their respect for one another, while also pushing Flashpoint back to the forefront, and its ramifications. Flash and Batman jump onto the cosmic treadmill in an attempt to go back in time and see what Thawne saw before his death, however, things don’t go as planned, and they end up in a cave. A familiar cave… just before coming face to face with Thomas Wayne: The Batman. A cliffhanger ending for an interesting story so far. I’m so curious to see where this goes, and they’ve done a much better job than I ever expected of putting this together.


I just finished catching up with Wonder Woman this week, and unlike many of the other titles in Rebirth, Diana has had a pretty long and concise story, recounting her origin once again, but revealing that many of the stories we’ve had over the years, with her trips back to Themyscira in particular, were all lies. Illusions in her head. This week, we return to the false-Themyscira one last time, before the dark tree appears, and during a battle between Cheetah and Wonder Woman, the blood and snake venom from Diana’s gauntlets cause the tree to open, sucking her and Veronica Cale in.

The surprise isn’t truthfully much of one, if you’ve been keeping up. Much of this story has led to the reveal, in my opinion, that before leaving for Man’s World, when Diana is bit by the snake at the tree, an omen for the Amazons, she was infected by Ares, who has oft been represented by a snake throughout this arc, and who caused Diana’s illusions in an attempt to discover the location of Themyscira. This story has been such a slow and fantastic build, and seeing it starting to come to a head has been fantastic. I’m really waiting for the big reveal here, and will be sad to see Greg Rucka go, when he leaves at issue 25.


Arguably my most excited title for this week. A crossover between the World’s Greatest Detective, and The Shadow? That’s a recipe for success in my eyes. Throw in some Batman lore with Henri Ducard, and have it all written by Scott Snyder, the best writer on DC’s payroll right now, and damn… that’s a great book. And this does not disappoint.

Setting up The Shadow as the villain, in a sense, as Batman attempts to unravel the mysteries behind the pulp noir character, and it creates some fantastic classic Batman vibes. The ending, revealing that Henri Ducard was The Shadow all along, and the man who taught Batman his detective skills was incredible, and definitely an amazing start to a short-but-sweet crossover.


Since seeing the advertisement that Gerard Way would be writing a Doom Patrol book, I knew we should expect something weird and satisfying. I was not expecting to get as much of both as we have. This book is top-level strange, but with some of the most likable renditions of these classic characters. Gerard Way’s knowledge of the lore behind Doom Patrol and his twist on it has been interesting, but he’s shown it to be the best path at getting the team back together and keeping the characters love for each other the main focus.

This week brought Crazy Jane back into the fold of the Doom Patrol, after she’s become a cult leader, attempting to secretly destroy an invading personality in her mind using an altered Gene Bomb that will destroy the dominant personality (the invader). If you’re looking for something quick to catch up on, with fun art, and some crazy-as-hell story, then this is definitely the first place you should look.


The other book I was most looking forward to. Yesterday was Alien Day, and in celebration, Dark Horse Comics released the first issue of Aliens: Dead Orbit. A standalone story written and illustrated by one of my favorite comic artists of all time, James Stokoe. This is absolutely my recommended title of the week as the art is positively unmatched, with so much tension and subtle character building. Not much of the story has been revealed yet, as story takes second fiddle to desolate terror in this book, and that is absolutely a good thing.


Analog EP7: Last Action Toaster

Josh and Theo welcome back Bovi for another round of ridiculous chatting, and his newfound obsession with Brave Little Toaster. Covering the latest news and views on the coolest pop culture has to offer!

The Last Jedi trailer, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Krypton, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe take center stage on the 7th episode of Analog! Check out the links below to listen, and please be sure to rate and review us on iTunes!

SyFy’s Krypton Trailer (Not Official?)

So, a trailer for the long in-production television series from SyFy, known as Krypton, has made its way onto Vimeo. The trailer has since been pulled from YouTube, due to a breach of terms, which leads is authenticity into question. However, judging by the production values on this, and just how incredible it looks, it’s hard to imagine this being a fan production.

Krypton is set before the destruction of Superman’s homeworld, and details the events that lead into the demise of the once-great race of Kryptonians. The show is meant as a Games of Thrones-esque political thriller, set to the backdrop of a comic book-inspired world of science fiction. It also seems to be the first television show that may tie directly into the DC Entertainment Universe, and Man of Steel. Considering David Goyer is the showrunner, and he co-wrote Man of Steel, and Batman v. Superman, this isn’t too shocking, but it is quite exciting. I definitely implore everyone to check it out. Initially, I had no interest in this show, but after seeing this, if this is real, you can consider my interest piqued to its maximum levels.

UPDATE: SyFy has removed the trailer, as this show has not been picked up as a series, and was never meant to be released online. The network is still reviewing the pilot. I have attached a video with screenshots in the meantime.

Carmen Sandiego Appearing on Netflix


The classic and beloved CD-ROM character is finally coming out of hiding, and revealing herself once again, on Netflix. The new animated series from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and DHX Media will be showrun by The Batman’s Duane Capizzi, with CJ Kettler (The Tick) and Caroline Fraser as executive producers alongside him, will focus on Carmen’s past, and her origins as the globetrotting enigma, that loves to teach us about the world.

The series will be 20 episodes long, running at 22 minutes each.  Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez will voice Carmen, while Stranger Things’ very own Mike, a.k.a. actor Finn Wolfhard, will lend his voice to the Player, the unseen narrator that played a role in the original series, and CD-ROM games. The trick to all this? The series is set to air in 2019. Ouch.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser

The 40th Anniversary of Star Wars is still in full swing at the Disney Star Wars Celebration at Walt Disney World, and… welp. In an expected, but still amazing reveal, director Rian Johnson unveiled the first official teaser trailer for Star Wars [Episode VIII]: The Last Jedi.

The trailer is incredibly gorgeous, and shows several shots of the island we left Rey on at the end of The Force Awakens, as well as Luke Skywalker, a destroyed Kylo Ren helmet, and several flashes of where our characters are, now. Finn is shown possibly still unconscious from the damage at the hands of Kylo Ren, but in some sort of stasis pod, perhaps? Poe is in some serious trouble, in an exploding hangar, and the Force is still being as mysterious as ever. All in all, this is a fucking incredible first trailer for the most anticipated movie of the year, for us all.

Analog EP6: Crush Those Dungeons

Josh and Theo welcome their second guest to the show, dungeon master, Andres! Covering the latest news and views on the coolest pop culture has to offer!

Trailers for Thor: Ragnarok, and Transformers: The Last Knight, as well as potential sequels, upcoming television shows, and much more round out the sixth episode of Analog! Check out the links below, and be sure to subscribe on iTunes and Rate and review us!