Pull Box: December 18

What a beautiful ending to Tom King’s incredible run on Batman. Bruce finally marries Selina and gets his happy ending with the girl of his dreams. The two defeat Thomas together, and afterwards, Bane gets his revenge on the man by breaking him, just as he did his son. Beautiful ending. Now, the Epilogue set up the Joker asthe foil to come, using the knowledge of Batman’s identity against him. This is going to be a great year for comics.

Yet another ending to an incredible run! Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s iconic run on Batman has finally come to a close, with Last Knight on Earth coming to an insane conclusion. Batman defeated the original Bruce Wayne, rescuing the planet, while Joker becomes a cyborg Robin. After the battle, the heroes summon a portal to bring Superman back to their world. Albeit a baby Kal-El. Can’t say I saw that ending coming, but it makes sense in the end. I’ll miss Scott Snyder on Batman, and I will especially miss Greg Capullo. His artwork fit the Bat so well, and his character designs are incredible.

Jim Gordon was the first Infected, and for all intents and purposes, he’s been able to do the most damage because of the trust and connections he’s built to the world around him for decades. The realization that Gotham needs to die to live on is the one that’s most often made with the Dark Multiverse so it’s not a surprise that’s the direction he’s heading in.

Another post-apocalyptic story for the heroes of the DC Universe. This one mirrors Last Knight on Earth, with Bruce saving Diana and her awaking in a world she doesn’t recognize. The art is beautiful, and I’m excited to see where this could possibly lead. What heroes will Wonder Woman encounter as she searches for Themyscira with her human companions?

It was only a matter of time before the Batman Who Laughs and Apex Lex came face to face during the Year of the Villain, with their grand schemes overlapping each other like this. Lex seems to be slipping across the pages of his books, as he expected Perpetua’s power to be absolute, but that hasn’t went the way he planned it to. Now, how this affects the stories moving forward is what’s interesting.

Naturally, the first thing that Jonathan Kent does after joining the Legion of Super-Heroes is bring his best friend along for the ride. I’m hoping this book gets a bit easier to follow, but as of right now, it actually gives me a headache to try to keep up with what’s happening. Additionally, I want more focus on Rose, because that’s the interesting development at play in this story.

Apocalypse is such a strange mystery in Excalibur, because he knows so much of what’s happening, pulling strings and getting key mutants into position at just the right time. I’m not totally sold on the magic aspect of it all, just yet, but Gambit being involved, along with Apocalypse himself makes it interesting enough to keep going.

So, that was awesome. The relationship between Franklin Richards and Galactus has always had a twinge of destiny to it, and this just solidified that fact. Well done, Marvel. Well done.

This just suddenly got a whole lot more interesting. Zombie robot Avengers, an old-man Tony Stark, and Riri Williams as the CEO of Stark Industries in a bleak future where Peter Parker’s son is the key to the villains machinations. That’s a recipe for a crazy good story, that just keeps getting better and better. You got me, J.J. Abrams. I’m hooked.

Today marks the end of so many historic runs in comic books, and Jason Aaron’s run on Thor will go down as one of the best in comic book history. The places he took the God of Thunder, and the changes he made. All of them built to a wondrous conclusion that was epic beyond belief. Truthfully, Thor will never be the same after this. Nor will he ever reach the heights that he has from here.

Batman and Superman were played by the Batman Who Laughs from the very beginning. The Dark Multiverse satellite and portal, both were part of his plan but acted more as diversions than anything, to give the Infected enough time to break him out. Now, he’s on the loose, and it’s about to be Hell on Earth if they can’t stop him. Coming clean with the rest of the Justice League is the best way to do that, and the realization that Wonder Woman is going to be pissed about this was great.

The finale of Doomsday Clock went about as I expected in terms of the stand-off between Superman and Doctor Manhattan. The real kicker here? The in-story of the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Justice Society of America! Both of which have been restored in the pages of Superman and Justice League. Now we know why. The damage that Jon had done was undone, saving his own world, and giving them a savior like Superman. Another multiverse of the Watchmen world.

It looks like we may finally be getting the answers we’ve waited years for. Wally West is the key to restoring the Multiverse to its Pre-Flashpoint position, being the only one with memories from that timeline. Now, his children areby his side again, and the motivation from Lightspeed, another Linda Park, this one a Speedster, has given him a renewed vigor. Let’s hope for those answers.

From the very beginning, the Martian Manhunter was set up as the key to this entire Justice/Doom War. That’s exactly why Luthor targeted him first and foremost. He knew his powers could see what was coming, and combat it enough to hinder their grand plans. Now, thanks to Shayne’s heart-breaking sacrifice, he’s returned. The heroes are getting through to the Universe, as the power of Doom begins to wane. But, can they stop Perpetua?

Marauders is a genuinely great book with fun characters, an interesting dynamic at its heart, and a solid story that just keeps getting better with each and every issue. There’s a lot of political intrigue alongside the heroics and mystery. Plus, I really want to know why Kate Pryde isn’t allowed through the gates of Krakoa. Maybe her ability would let her through the cracks, to see something she shouldn’t be able to see?

Something about this book is somehow a lot of fun to read, but also intensely irritating in the way it writes it characters. Yes, they’re meant to be younger, but they write them in this immature, childish way. It works, but also drives me up a wall. Perhaps that’s why I can’t bring myself to stop reading it? Plus, I want to see how Boom-Boom (That’s her name? Really?) deals with these terrorists in a drunken stupor.

After what seems like months, Cheetah has finally lured out her true prey. Injuring Wonder Woman deeply, Hera has appeared to intervene and stop Barbara Ann from further hurting the Champion of the Gods. I can’t help but imagine this may go one of two ways with no in-between. Either Cheetah demolishes Hera, or vice-versa. I suppose we’ll see, soon enough. The inclusion of Silencer here was cool, but a bit unnecessary?

There were a lot of teases about some cool stuff happening, but no real pay-off. Little by little Krakoa is being forced into a government that follows similar principles to the way humans govern, and it’s clearly heading in a bad direction. It doesn’t help that X-Force seems to be getting the short stick at every turn, with each member having their turn at resurrection, in kind. These terrorists certainly have their number, indicating a mole most likely in their ranks.

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