Pull Box: Christmas & New Year

It’s been a crazy last few weeks, personally, being out of town for the holidays and an honest lack of news I really feel like covering. But, I’m doing my best to keep up with comics for the season!

This issue covered a lot of ground. The Red Cloud’s origin, which turned out to be much less interesting than many thought. A team-up between Leviathan and the Legion of Doom, which was so inevitable that it was a surprise in the story itself. Very meta. Lastly, Clark Kent revealing his secret to Fire Chief Moore, 41 hours before the rest of the world, because of his trust for her. There always seems to be some strange chemistry between them, and I honestly think that will come into play, shortly.

I am, admittedly, getting to this issue a little late, which would have made the Christmas theme far more effective. But, even without the fantastic holiday undertones, the loss of Alfred from City of Bane is being felt wholeheartedly here, and it’s clearly putting quite the strain on Bruce. I’m sure we’ll see Selina pop up, shortly, or more of the Bat-Family. But for now, Batman is going at it alone, and it’s going to get hard for him without his trusted sidekick.

This entire time, we’ve been lead to believe that the gift that Lex gave Captain Cold was the technology for the Mirror Dimension, but something had always seemed off. The other gifts were always so personal to the villain, and now we know the truth. Cold has enhanced his body with ice abilities, corrupting himself with power he had not known before. Flash is still supercharged, himself, but without the ability to control it, he’s still in a lot of danger. I wonder who’s going to show up to help save the day?

The Justice League Dark is on the ropes, but from every angle, they’re about to be powered up beyond belief. Diana has made a deal with the Otherkind to help them merge with Hecate and make them whole again, while he gifts her with the power to tap into every bit of magic she’s ever had access to. Meanwhile, a new Doctor Fate is about to be unleashed. After Nabu’s last mess nearly destroyed all of Magic, can he be trusted in this case?

Lois Lane is usually the last to trust people, but the fact that she just let a detail such as a mysterious new housekeeper, a spiteful Bones in disguise after the attacks from Leviathan, slip through her fingers. She was obviously distracted by the Superman talk, which should shortly catch up to Clark Kent revealing his identity to the world in short order.

The Marauders finally have a clear-cut villain, and it’s not just personal politics. Homines Verendi, a new organization run by what looks like children, is using the Marauders methodology against them, and leading them into traps. That doesn’t bode well. Meanwhile, the character development between Kate Pryde and Emma Frost just keeps getting better as the Hellfire Trading Company begins to tighten its grasp on their own situations.

Holy crap that was one hell of an entrance for the new creative team behind Thor. Galactus crashing to Asgard, and a threat to the entirety of reality, forcing Thor, the All-Father to become a Herald of Galactus, himself. That was so badass. I’m not sure how Marvel keeps finding all of these incredible writers for Thor, but they aren’t afraid to take him to some amazing places, and I love it.

That was insanely intense. Xavier, Magneto, and Apocalypse, quietly enjoying a beautifully luxurious meal while the leaders of the free world plot their demise. Cyclops and Gorgon, above and below them, dispatching of entire assault teams. The bit where Magneto assisted Cyclops from an entire floor below him was particularly fantastic. Lastly, Xavier’s quiet and peaceful threat of the future that’s to come, while still admitting that he believed in humans despite everything that’s happened, was so ominous and heavy. X-Men is, by far, the key book in the Dawn of X, and it’s fantastic.

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