First Teaser Trailer for Tom Hardy’s Venom

Sony Pictures has shared the first teaser trailer for Venom, starring Tom Hardy. The trailer gives us our first proper look at Hardy’s interpretation of Eddie Brock, as well as his attempt at a New York accent, but it doesn’t give us much in the way of Venom himself.

We get a shot of the symbiote, in the hands of what appears to be a corporate guy, played by Riz Ahmed (Star Wars: Rogue One), insinuating he’s not Carnage after all. As well as our first look at 4x Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams (Marilyn, Blue Valentine) in her mystery role, as well. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this film, but hopefully it gets cleared up in the months to come.


Analog EP41: The HamMurderer


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New Comic Books: February 7


I really was expecting them to break down Bruce and Selina’s relationship. The pieces were there to pull the trigger, even though it was the wrong choice… but they made the right choice. Having Bruce and Diana aware of their mistake, and choosing not to make it, was absolutely the right one. Another test of love passed for Batman, inside of a unique and interesting story. Well done.
The continued parallels between the destruction of Krypton and this new planet, Galymade, are intensely coincidental. Not to mention, I’m sure that Superman will realize just how similar this “Man of Science” is to his own Father, whose attempts at saving his world were futile. This was a fun read, that illustrated well just how much Jon is like his Father, and is destined to be an amazing Superman.
Every issue of White Knight, Batman grows more and more unstable as control of the city of Gotham is wrested from his clutches. He can feel everything unraveling, little by little, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. This has been such masterful writing, with such an incredible plan that Jack Napier has launched, as we learn more about what his intentions are for Gotham, and just what it means to him. This is easily one of the best mini-series DC has released in years.
Having never read Mother Panic this was a bit different from what I expected, but Milk Wars is proving to be a great crossover between imprints. Not one you’d expect to see too often, but fun pairings of characters with real chemistry. That’s the hardest part of making such different characters click, is the chemistry. They’ve aced it both times so far. Let’s see if they keep it up.


First Full Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer

Marvel Studios and Netflix have debuted the first full trailer for season 2 of Jessica Jones, which is already set to debut just over a month from now, on March 8th. The second season is set to put a spotlight on Jessica’s origin, and what happened to her after the mysterious death of her family.

The trailer also gives mention of a sidekick, so maybe we’ll be seeing Hellcat this season, as well, which would be great. There are still plenty of surprises as these trailers usually only give away scenes from the first few episodes, so there’s plenty of mystery left to uncover.

New Full Deadpool 2 Trailer

20th Century Fox released a new full trailer for Deadpool 2 that gives us a load more action, with plenty of news looks at the new and returning faces in the film. We get some action with Josh Brolin’s Cable, as well as Domino, Colossus, as well as some shocking faces, such as Terry Crews playing an unknown character.

The trailer is fantastic, and definitely pushes the hype train for this much anticipated sequel further. The month of May is going to be stacked with some of the best comic book films of all time, that’s for damn sure.

First Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Lucasfilm debuted a small teaser for the film during the Super Bowl, but shortly thereafter, revealed the full teaser for the long-awaited spin-off, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The film looks pretty decent, but doesn’t quite have the bang that we’ve come to expect from other Star Wars trailers.

Solo: A Star Wars Story features Alden Ehrenreich as Han, with Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian and Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca. Woody Harrelson is playing Han’s mentor, Beckett, while Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke, Thandie Newton, Paul Bettany, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge also star.

Nintendo Switch Online Service to Launch in September


Nintendo of America has also revealed that the Nintendo Switch’s long-awaited (not really) Online service will launch in September of this year. The service will cost $20 per year, and allow players to play online against one another, a service which is currently free until launch.

Players will also have access to a growing library of classic titles such as Super Mario Bros. 3Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario.

Mario Kart Tour Headed to Smartphones in 2019


Nintendo of America have announced yet another new addition to their growing lineup of iOS/Android Mobile titles, with Mario Kart Tour. The game is set to launch in early 2019, but no other details were added.

This marks Nintendo’s fifth full title, after MiiTomo, Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

New Comic Books: January 31


I’m a sucker for John Romita Jr.’s artwork. It’s so engaging and characteristic. He’s one of the best comic artists in the world today, in my opinion, and his art seriosuly brought this book to the next level. To think there’s been an assassin in the DC Universe this entire time, that operates on such a next level of secrecy that her entire existence has never been mentioned. That’s an origin that I can get behind.
The Flash War seems like it should be a fun event, particularly because The Flash has so few events to begin with. It’s nice to see Wally West moving on with his life, and taking steps to get back to where we’ve always known him to be. I will say that the addition of Zoom as the big-bad in Flash War was a bit of a let-down, given we JUST finished dealing with Reverse-Flash, who practically is the same character with a different back-story.
This was a delightfully weird book with some intensely unique story points that really set it apart from anything I’ve read… probably ever. Milkman Man was fantastic, and the Doom Patrol and Justice League’s relationship already seems to be off to a great start, with some shockingly good chemistry between some vastly different characters. This is going to be a fun few months while these two worlds collide.
It’s always nice to revisit such incredible stories, and the origin of Clayface from acclaimed actor Basil Karlo is still one of the greatest origins among Batman’s Rogue’s gallery. This was yet another example of how timeless these stories truly are. They can be revisited in any era, and work beautifully, and tragically.
This issue of Metal was probably the most uneventful, but it did build on just what exactly the plan for the Dark Knights is. I have to wonder though, is it truly Barbatos that is in charge, or is it the Batman Who Laughs, who seems to genuinely be the puppetmaster behind all of this. We also finally found out the reason behind Plastic Man’s egg form, who was most likely living on the other Earth with Mister Terrific, and is sacrificing himself every second to fight the dark. Hopefully he’s able to free himself soon, because I would love to see him make an impact.

Analog EP40: Shazamler Shrinkydinkery


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Bioware’s Anthem Delayed to 2019


Electronic Arts has confirmed today that Bioware’s much-anticipated new Shooter-RPG, Anthem, has now pushed from its initial Fall 2018 release window to “2019.” The shooter is meant to compete with Bungie’s wildly successful Destiny, but as such, Bioware has dedicated its entire studio to developing the massive title.

At last year’s E3, Anthem was set to be a worldbeater with the hype surrounding its release reaching massive levels from its first gameplay trailers.

Trailer for Duncan Jones’ MUTE Debuts

Netflix has revealed the first, long-awaited trailer for Duncan Jones’ cyberpunk film, MUTE. Jones, director Moon, and Warcraft, wrote Mute along with Michael Robert Johnson, and has pitched the film as a passion project for quite some time. The film follows a mute bartender (Alexander Skarsgård) forced to go into the seedy underbelly of a future Berlin to find his girlfriend. Along the way he’ll team up with Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and Duck (Justin Theroux), a pair of Army vets with their own agenda.

Not only does the film look beautiful, with obvious inspiration from Blade Runner, John Wick, and more, but it also apparently is linked to Moon, one of the best sci-fi films in decades, that now creates a shared universe for Jones’ films.

First Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer

Marvel Studios has unveiled the first official trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp, hitting theaters on July 6th. Continuing what seems to be a trend with the Ant-Man films, this looks unlike every other film Marvel is releasing, and seems to be far more grounded, albeit with a lot of sizing shenanigans now that Giant Man has debuted in Captain America: Civil War.

It will be interesting to see where Ant-Man and the Wasp fits among the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it releases just two months after Avengers: Infinity War.

Analog EP39: Best Story in Hollywood


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New Soul Calibur VI Trailer

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for the hotly anticipated weapon-action fighting game, Soul Calibur VI. The new trailer focuses on characters such as newcomer Groh, along with some returning characters in Nightmare, Xianghua, and Kilik.

SoulCalibur VI is set to release in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s been no word if we’ll be getting any special characters for each edition, as many fans hope.