Pull Box: March 13

Jonathan Kent is most certainly worthy of whatever title of hero he wants up to this point. The hell that Ultraman put him through, and his subsequent escape and survival both show how much he’s grown, and learned to do what’s necessary to stay alive. All while still keeping the strong heart that his parents have nurtured all these years. I’ll miss fun-loving Jonathan Kent, which I never thought I would say about a kid-hero not named Impulse. But teenage Jonathan Kent has proven he’s more than worthy.

We all knew what was coming. It’s been building to it this entire time, with Carter Hall’s previous reincarnations becoming an army of Hawkman to stop the Deathbringers. With that in mind, it was still really cool to see it. This arc has been a great way to retcon Hawkman and modernize him for a new audience. I only hope they keep going, and keep pushing the adventure side of it all. Hawkman as an explorer is far more interesting than Hawkman as a superhero.

This served as a nice refresher for James Jesse, the original Trickster, some details here and there to fit the new narrative of his character. It was clearly meant for newer fans that have come in from the series, but it was a solid issue nonetheless. It established Trickster as a threat to Central City, setting him up for the biggest con of all time as he manipulates The Flash and his many allies, clearly being one step ahead of them all throughout.

The Lords of Order have shown themselves in full, with their true power about to wipe out the entire realm of Myrra. Meanwhile, the previous Doctor Fate has shown himself to be an ally of the Justice League. Unfortunately, the team’s two heavy hitters, Wonder Woman and Zatanna are off on their own dangerous adventure searching for Mordru and Circe, who seems to have her own agenda. She clearly knows something that everyone else doesn’t Perhaps she’s the one behind this? Then there was the off-hand comment about Zatanna’s Father. Is Zatara the true mastermind? So many questions!

Even the Titans have been catapulted into the real world, with two of the most ancient and powerful beings to ever grace the summit of Olympus just hanging out in the Rocky Mountains. Something tells me our furry friends that we’ve been following are a little more than just an audience perspective. Could they be attracting this danger somehow? Something is starting to seem quite off, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it could be. There are just too many factors at play here to really know where this story is heading.


Pull Box: June 13


This was a great way to get back to basics with The God of Thunder. Now that Jane Foster is no longer Thor, the Odinson must prove himself worthy once again, and he must do this all the while trying to rebuild a destroyed Asgardia. The moment where Juggernaut revealed himself as a the avatar of a God to fight the God of Thunder was fantastic. Cain Marko seems to have really supplanted himself in the face of pop culture lately, and it’s pretty great.
The Council of Reeds has returned with a more personal task to complete: No More Dooms. Victor is given yet another task to redeem himself in the face of his rival, and once more he fails the test. I want to hope that this quest with Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm would help show him the his virtue even more, but it looks like it may end up with the opposite effect. The big thing here? His memory revealed that Reed and Sue are still alive, with their children, traversing the cosmos.
This one had less repercussions than the other Prelude to the Wedding books, but it was still a fun read. Batgirl has proven herself time and time again in the face of adversity, being easily the best of the Bat-Family. But, the big takeaway is the reveal that Harley Quinn is looking for the Joker during his pre-wedding rampage. Probably in an effort to stop him from ruining her friend, Catwoman’s big day. But, who knows?
There were some great revelations and unity happening in this book. Just like Wonder Woman wearing Element X in Dark Knights: Metal created the New Gods, Hal Jordan wearing it created the Darkstars. Both wishes made on a darkened universe that were twisted and warped. It’s a fantastic way of pulling things together and unifying the universe, Post-Metal. Also, the personal story of Guy and his Father, being saved by Arkillo in a show of friendship was great. Those two have real chemistry, and it elevates the book even more when they’re together.
As this series has gone on, it’s gotten less confusing, and more charming. Showing more of the mundane work that goes into Wars between planets full of Gods. Like peace summits, and small moments. It was amazing to see Kalibak pull out a pair of glasses because he needs to see the terms. It was a bit predictable in the end, with Jacob Free, the son of Big Barda and Mister Miracle, being the biggest bargaining chip, though not one that they put on the table.
Hawkman has always been one of the richer characters as far as lore is concerned. His past allows him to work in more mythical things, like the introduction of Gorilla City into the history of the Earth, trade-routes and such. Not to mention the reveal of a Kryptonian Hawkman, as well as a Hawkman from the planet Rann, and the confirmation that the Thanagarian Hawkman was one and the same. All through reincarnation. With the history of DC Comics at its feet, this should be a fun read.
Yes! Oh man, it’s so nice to have Eel O’Brian back in his own solo story. Plastic Man is one of the best heroes in all of comic books, and I missed his plucky humor so much. He’s so nonsensical. It was smart to re-tell his origin story for newer fans as he’s a bit older of a character who hasn’t been explored much in the last 20 years. But, now he’s back! And I could not be happier about it. On top of that, Gail Simone was a perfect choice to write the character.
And the race is on! I can’t help but side with Wally West on this one. Barry Allen has lost things, but he always still remembers those pains, and exactly how they were taken from him. Wally’s children, his entire past, was taken from him and he never even knew it. That was Barry’s fault. It’s tragic that this is happening, but things are building to quite the head in the world of The Flash.
This was some seriously heartbreaking writing. Kandor has been a mainstay in Superman lore for years, and its destruction – the murder of millions of Kryptonians trapped in a bottle for centuries is simply tragic. And it showed. The loss that Superman and Supergirl felt was real, and their anger and panic showed on the page. That was the masterful writing we’ve been looking out for with Bendis and he finally broke it out here.
First off, Jason seemed to fit in pretty well with the rest of the Justice League. I could very well see him filling in for Diana on a Justice League International team, or something along those lines. Next, King Best is one of the most throwback villains I have seen in quite some time. He’s massive, styled like the 60’s villains of old, and honestly already quite the delight of a villain. This is a great new rogue for Wonder Woman if he manages to stick around.

Pull Box: March 28


Metal has been my favorite comic event in almost a decade and the ending most certainly did not disappoint. It was just as grand and batshit crazy as the rest of the series, and the future that it set up is unlike anything the DC Universe has seen. The source wall, a long-standing barrier around the multiverse itself has been broken, and it’s only a matter of time before the fun repercussions of Metal start to truly take hold. Metal set up Scott Snyder’s run on Justice League in epic fashion, and I can’t wait to see where it leads. This was the end of an era, as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo part ways, but they made their last hurrah the most epic thing they could imagine, and it stuck the landing.
Stories that involve Brother Eye just instantly have this tone to them, that elevates them to the next level. This is no different. Tim is faced with a choice, but he still believes in Bruce, and the symbol that Batman represents for hope in Gotham. Having the activation of Brother Eye be the catalyst for the eventual murder of Batman by the Colony, and Tim possibly being able to stop it is a pretty great way to move this forward, and show the reason that Tim is forced to step into the role, after letting his mentor down.
This issue was straightforward and stuck simply to asking some of the biggest questions we’ve had in Doomsday Clock. Who is the new Rorschach, and how did he come to be working with Adrian Veidt? The answer is tragic, and depressing. A long story of growth and a sort of triumph in the face of mental adversity. Reggie is more connected to the story than he knows, and his path after disappearance of Doctor Manhattan is proof of that.
That was a brutal-ass fight, but in the end a feint by Zod led to the Green Lanterns falling directly into his trap. He lost the battle, but now has the means to win the war, with direct intel against every major military in the Universe. That’s a genius military move, the likes of Krypton’s greatest general doesn’t often get credited for. Slowly but surely, Zod is building himself as a credible threat to not just Superman, but the entire Universe, and eventually the Justice League.
Curing Grodd to defeat him was absolutely genius, but of course the genius madman had one last trick up his sleeve. This was another great example of a hero using their experience with a villain against them, as Barry thought about various science things throughout the issue to block out Grodd, while simultaneously concocting a plan to defeat him. A rare example of writers showing just how smart Barry really is, which doesn’t get touched upon often.
Adding Deathstroke to the mix with the Silencer is literally the best thing that could have happened to this character. This issue was a fun throwback to the 90’s full of gunfights and crazy explosions, and adding the DC Universe’s most deadly assassin will just up that throwback-feel tenfold. The Silencer has quietly been one of the more solid “New Age of Heroes” books and I hope it holds up.
Yet another throwback for the New Age of Heroes, as The Terrifics is a fantastic example of classic space-faring fun with cosmic implications. Even the characters they’ve chosen are a throwback. I’ll say it every issue, but Plastic Man doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit. He’s a fun, interesting hero that’s managed to differentiate himself through sheer personality alone, and it is fabulous.
We’re finally getting the showdown we’ve been asking for for months! Wonder Woman against Darkseid. While he’s not yet full power, he’s still a match for most. The wild card here is Jason, Diana’s brother. I can’t shake the feeling that he and his new armor will play a factor in the defeat of the New God. Perhaps the “giants” he saw were Zeus and the other Old Gods? Not actually dead at Darkseid’s hands? An interesting theory…
I managed to catch up on all of this just in time for the Shattered Grid crossover, and it started off in epic fashion. Drakkon manipulating Ninjor, and possibly killing Tommy in this universe? The implications of the death of Tommy would be insane, thanks to the massive effect he has on the future of the Power Rangers in the prime universe, so it will be interesting to see where this leads, if he is in fact dead, or if this leads to him becoming the White Ranger.

Pull Box: March 14


That was the absolute best way to reintroduce newer readers to General Sam Lane and his tensions with Superman, while also creating a new arc involving Hank Henshaw and the inevitability of the corruption of Superman’s Kryptonian technology. I’m not sure where that story is going, but it’s sure to blow up in Superman’s face in some crazy way.
There are so many moving pieces to the story taking place in Detective Comics right now, but like a game of chess, each piece is vital to the endgame, and it’s looking to be a great story. Batwoman and the Colony, the fall of the Knights Program and Batman’s unraveling trust, Tim’s interactions with Ulysses Armstrong. These are all leading to something bigger, and better, and it will be fun to see where it leads.
The thought of Zod and his family playing possum against the Green Lantern Corps, and then just absolutely laying waste to an entire squad of Lanterns is insane. That was one of the most brutal beatdowns I have ever seen a Green Lantern endure, and seeing Zod and Hal Jordan fight each other at full strength is going to be quite the sight.
That was easily the most somber and straightforward issue of Mister Miracle, and it was a joy to read. I’m honestly hoping that this is all, in some way, canon, and Jacob being a New God becomes a thing that affects other books in some way. The back-story for Barda and Scott was nice, and the way they named their son was fitting, given their history together. Definitely a beautiful read.
This is easily one of the best stories Flash has had since Rebirth started. Grodd is a believable villain with a great plan, full of twists and turns. Each time we think the Flash Family might have gained the upper hand, it was still always part of his plan. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this arc, because it’s sure to be a good one.
The new, more powerful, Jason is definitely an intriguing player in all of this. Given the hint of the Greek Pantheon from the past, it’s probably going to be the Old Gods that gave Jason his newfound abilities and golden armor, but it’s still too hard to tell at this point. The biggest takeaway from here? Darkseid is getting desperate, and invading A.R.G.U.S. headquarters seems like a hell of a risky thing to do.
Now that is how you introduce a kick-ass multiverse-trekking story. Such an interesting plot, with one of the most insane multiversal twists I have ever seen. Doom becoming Galactus and swallowing the entire universe?! That is anime level crazy, and I absolutely love it. It’s stories like this that make me miss the Fantastic Four.

Pull Box: March 7


This has been a great arc so far, with such an interesting and unique story that I don’t think I’ve ever read with these characters. It’s so fascinating because it seems like Batman is one step ahead of Ivy, but we’re not sure where that step is leading, because we’re on the same page as Ivy in this instance. I can’t wait to see what Bruce has planned with Harley, since she’s “exactly what [he] was expecting.”
Bizarro is such an up and down character, but Bizarro World will always be the best. The addition of a Boyzarro now makes it even better, and it should be fun to see the adventure these two go on. It’s obvious they accidentally brought him back on their excursion, and now Bizarro is going to go on a journey to get his Not-Son back.
That twist at the end! That was fantastic! This series just keeps firing on all cylinders, and I have no idea who to trust anymore. Nightwing is definitely playing something, because he would never betray Bruce like that, but Barbara is always the more emotional one, hence her not going along with the plan. The truth about the Fries family and the Waynes wasn’t what we thought, but Neo-Joker is still one of the deadliest villains that Batman has ever had. Such an incredible issue.