Dragonball FighterZ Switch Date Announced; Includes Bonus


Bandai Namco has announced that Dragonball FighterZ will officially hit the Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 27th, with it hitting Western shores a day later. Additionally, those who pre-order the game will get the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden, the fighter that released in Japan in 1993 for the Super Famicom.

Dragonball FighterZ is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Wave Unveils Detailed Astro City Model Arcade Cabinets


Japan’s hobby giant, the Wave Corporation, has unveiled a new addition to their line of Japanese candy cabinet 1/12 scale models: the Sega Astro City. The level of detail on these are insane, and they are available this August for ¥3,200 over on Wave’s website.

Additionally, there are two others in the series, available here and here. You can hit the jump for more images of the Astro City 1/12 scale model.

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Airman and Devil May Cry Skins Revealed for Street Fighter V


Capcom is continuing its crossover craze with some new character skins for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. In addition Survival Mode updates, and the new Fighting Chance mode, Capcom shared a look at new Devil May Cry costumes for Ken, Ed, and Laura, as well as a new Mega Man Airman costume for Rashid.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4, and PC. Hit the jump to check out official screenshots of the other new skins, as well.

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Polymega Modular Retro Console Unveiled


At E3 this year, creators PlayMaji unveiled their new retro console, titled the Polymega. The system is modular and will support widgets allowing players to relive their favorite games for NES, SNES, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and even PlayStation games. The Polymega will use an elegant hybrid emulation software, allowing for support on the multiple platforms.

It’s quite a beautiful system, with prices starting at $249.99, and pre-orders opening this summer. Head over to the official website for more information.

Kill la Kill The Game IF Revealed by ARC System Works


ARC System Works, developers behind the instant classic, Dragonball FighterZ, has revealed a new partnership with Studio Trigger and the reveal of Kill la Kill The Game IF. The new title will make full use of the fantastic engine created by ARC, with incredible visuals on hand.

More information will be revealed next month at Anime Expo, taking place July 5-8 in Los Angeles. For now, you can head over to the Official Website, or hit the jump to watch the first trailer and see some gorgeous screenshots.

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Stranger Things Telltale Game Announced


Telltale Games and Netflix have announced a new partnership that will see the narrative game studio creating a game based on the streaming service’s wildly popular supernatural series, Stranger Things. Telltale typically releases episodic titles with new characters, often expanding lore and mythos for series, so possibly expect more of the same here.

Netflix is working hard to expand the world of Stranger Things, just recently even inking a deal to create novels based in the world, as well, with the first book being about Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives.

8BitDo Reveals New Slate of Bluetooth Controllers


Famed bluetooth controller company has had a busy E3 this year. First, they revealed an entirely new brand, and now they’ve revealed a new slate of Nintendo Switch bluetooth controllers in varying sizes and colors, all based on previous Nintendo consoles.

The full slate is expected to drop later this year. You can hit the jump to check out all the new goodies, and a slight run-down on each controller.

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Xavier Woods Joining Super Bomberman R


Konami has announced that the latest character to join the ranks of Super Bomberman R will be WWE Superstar, and New Day member, Xavier Woods. Woods is also the host of YouTube gaming channel, UpUpDownDown, and a well-known face in competitive gaming. He and his New Day counterparts are taking Kenny Omega and The Golden Elite in a Street Fighter V competition this week at E3.

Super Bomberman R is available now for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will release on Xbox One on June 14th.

Soul Calibur VI Drops This October


Bandai Namco has revealed that Soul Calibur VI will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19th, with two different Collector’s Editions for players to purchase, as well as DLC information. The season pass will include three new playable characters, and two armor packs.

The Soul Calibur VI Deluxe Edition will include the game, a season pass, a soundtrack CD and a metal case with four voice-over clips. The Collector’s Editon will include a 12” Sophitia statue, a 120-page art-book, as well as everything included in the Deluxe Edition.

PhE3: Nintendo Treehouse


Nintendo ended the barrage of E3 keynotes by doing the same thing every other company did this year: playing it safe. A few new game announcements were on the docket, but the star of the show here was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which hits stores on December 7th, of this year.

Many were expecting Nintendo to bring out the big guns this year, but their focus was only the biggest gun, which could go either way. Hit the jump to find out what Nintendo had to show off at E3 this year.

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PhE3: PlayStation Keynote


Sony kept with the predictable format for companies at this year’s E3 show, and stuck to their guns, showing off previously-announced titles that hadn’t been released from last year’s show.

Plenty of new gameplay for Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts III, and new trailers for Death Stranding, and The Last of Us Part II were the stars here, and for fans of Sony’s first party games, they were not disappointed. Hit the jump to check out what Sony had on offer for this year.

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PhE3: Ubisoft Conference


It was Ubisoft’s turn to take to the stage, and they essentially hit a lot of the same notes that they usually do. New additions to the Just Dance and Assassin’s Creed franchises, as well as a few looks at some titles announced at last year’s show.

Hit the jump to check out what Ubisoft had to show at this year’s E3.

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PhE3: Square Enix Showcase


Square Enix shocked us all this morning by doing next to nothing substantial on their E3 Showcase 2018. There was a new game announcement from Platinum Games, as well as a few updates for other new titles.

Additionally, there was plenty of new trailers for already announced games, and DLC for Monster Hunter World, and Final Fantasy XIV. Hit the jump to find out what Square Enix revealed at this year’s show.

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Metal Wolf Chaos XD Headed to The West

Devolver Digital has announced that its bringing the classic mech-shooter by FromSoftware to the West for the first time. In Metal Wolf Chaos XD, players take control of the President of the United States, Michael Wilson, as he fights a massive battle against forces led by his Vice President, Richard Hawk.

The game is a cult-classic, but was never released outside of Japan for the original Xbox. It features famously bad voice-acting, and some of the most iconic writing ever seen in a game. Given the Armored Core background of the studio, however, the game plays incredibly solid, despite its outlandish plot.

PhE3: Bethesda Keynote


Bethesda decided to go hard this year, with a large slate of games to show off, including several new titles and even a new Elder Scrolls game. All of this, on top of the already announced Fallout 76, and more.

The surprises were frequent here, with Andrew WK performing on stage, and plenty of shock game announcements in the pipeline. Hit the jump to find out what Bethesda brought to the party this year.

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