Michael Keaton Returning as The Vulture!


Good news for fans of Michael Keaton’s fantastic portrayal of the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Keaton has officially signed on to return to the role of Adrian Toomes in the upcoming sequel, alongside Tom Holland, and newly Jake Gyllenhaal. Variety has officially confirmed the casting, which now heavily inspires the potential for the Sinister Six to make their big-screen debut.

Toomes was last seen, refusing to give up the identity of Spider-Man to Mac Gargan, aka The Scorpion, while in prison together. Additionally, Feige has confirmed the next film will be a globe-trotting adventure, dealing with the repercussions of Avengers 4.


Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Japan Premiere Poster is Spectacular


The Spider-Man Japan Official Twitter account has posted an official poster for the premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming in Japan, and it’s absolutely epic. Celebrated manga artist Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man, Eyeshield 21) has long been a fan of Spider-Man, which is clearly evidence by this great art for the wall-crawler.

Spider-Man: Homecoming currently sits at $641 million worldwide, and is set to open in Japan on August 11, after premiering in Tokyo on August 07. Hit the jump to check out the incredible poster in full.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Animated Series Trailer

During tonight’s Marvel Animation panel at the D23 Expo, the focus of the show was on Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Man animated series, which premieres on Saturday, August 19th, at 7:00am EST on Disney XD with a special one-hour premiere. The show will follow Peter in his first years as Spider-Man and his attempts at juggling his personal life, and life as Spider-Man.

The voice cast was also introduced, as well! With Robbie Draymond as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Nancy Linari as Aunt May, Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales, Laura Bailey as Gwen Stacy, Max Mittelman as Harry Osborn, Patton Oswalt as Uncle Ben, Melanie Minichino as Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl, and Joe Quesada as Joe.

Ph LEVEL Review: Spider-Man Homecoming


After being introduced to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, there were a lot of high hopes for the boy in his solo outing. His first time suiting up was incredibly memorable, and left a lasting impression on everyone throughout the film, so naturally, Homecoming would follow suit, wouldn’t it?

I can safely say that you won’t be disappointed with Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s a good movie, with fantastic characters. Hit the jump for my full thoughts.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Cosbabies are Adorable


I haven’t exactly been the biggest fan of the Cosbaby series of figures from Hot Toys. They started out great with Batman and such, but since then have fallen off with many of the more recent figures. However, these Spider-Man: Homecoming versions have absolutely rekindled my love for these things.

The new series spotlights Spider-Man in his Stark Industries suit, and his homemade suit, as well as Tony Stark himself, in civilian clothes, and his  XLVII Iron Man suit. There’s even an adorably menacing Vulture! There are 3 different collectible bobblehead sets, each with different poses and characters throughout. You can hit the jump for the entire massive gallery of figures.

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Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 3

Marvel Studios has released the third trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and I honestly wish they had released this trailer, rather than the last one. The last trailer showcased the entire film (as far as we know), and basically laid out the entire plot. Whereas this new trailer shows Peter Parker the character, and his life as a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. It’s much more personal, and infinitely more fun.

However, given the recent Guardians of the Galaxy film, and its many trailer twists, I’m starting to think Homecoming could be a pretty giant swerve from what we think is happening here. In fact, we know that the homecoming dance will factor into this somehow, and we even have our first hint at that, with Peter running in a suit down the halls of his school and ripping off hie tie. We’ll just have to wait and see. Spider-Man: Homecoming releases in theaters July 7, 2017.