5 Games Sega Should Revive


SEGA unveiled their Road to 2020 last week, showcasing their plans to restore their former glory in the world of gaming across Japan, and the rest of the globe. It’s a fascinating look at a company desperate to get back to their roots. In the lofty plan, they reveal a plan to revive older game IP’s for modern home consoles to restore some of their older player base.

Their history of innovative titles consists of a Who’s Who of blockbuster games in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Some have seen themselves revived, in not-so-good fashion. While others haven’t seen the light of day since. Hit the jump for my Top 5 picks of Games that Sega should revive.

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Sega’s Road to 2020


Sega has released their Road to 2020 company outline (Click Here to Read it), and in doing so, they’ve outlined their trajectory for the next few years across the globe. The company plans to focus on a resurgence in arcades, as well as pachinko machines. But the main takeaway is a “revival of past IP’s.” What that means as far as their franchises go could be anyone’s guess.

In the past Sega had some of the most groundbreaking and original franchises, that could be easily adapted into newer properties today. Fingers crossed at seeing that new Vectorman, or Comix Zone title in the near future. While this plan is still preliminary, it’s nice to see Sega working diligently to restore their former glory, and many of the revolutionary ideas in the industry that once made them the leader of the pack.