Full Tokyo Ghoul Trailer

Tokyo Ghoul just got its longest trailer yet, with a packed 3-minute theatrical trailer that gives us our best looks at the main characters of the film, as well as the effects. We even get a taste of the official theme of the film, by the band RADWIMPS, who also performed music for this year’s critically acclaimed Your Name.

Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki, a boy who is attacked on a date gone wrong, and becomes half-human and half-ghoul. Set in an alternate reality where creatures called ghouls live amongst humanity and feed on flesh to survive.


Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Coming to North America

In 2011, Tokyo Ghoul began its maiden run and took the world of manga by storm. Since then, it has received acclaimed anime adaptations, as well as numerous video games, and merchandise. Quickly becoming a fan favorite. Now, in Japan on July 29th, we’ll be seeing the first live-action adaptation of the popular property.

Crunchyroll is reporting that FUNimation will be bringing the adaptation to North American shores at an undisclosed date. Hit the jump to check out the first official poster, as well.

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