Thor: Love and Thunder Announced with New Details

While it was revealed earlier this week that Taika Waitit would return to direct Thor 4, we now have plenty of new details on the newly announced film, officially titled Thor: Love and Thunder. While plot details itself are non-existent, we know that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will return to reprise their roles as Thor and Valkyrie, respectively. Thor will be dealing with life … Continue reading Thor: Love and Thunder Announced with New Details

Taika Waititi to Direct Thor 4; Akira on Hold

As SDCC is beginning to ramp up for this weekend, one of its sure-to-be biggest reveals has just leaked, as The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) has signed on to write and direct Thor 4 for Marvel Studios. That update puts a massive damper on the Warner Bros. live-action adaptation of Akira, though, as that project is now on hold, indefinitely, … Continue reading Taika Waititi to Direct Thor 4; Akira on Hold

Pull Box: June 26

More and more people are getting closer and closer to the truth, as the Invisible Underworld in Metropolis continues to get more and more unafraid of the consequences of what would happen if Superman discovered their existence. The Red Cloud continues to push her agenda little by little, while Superman deals with the fallout of Leviathan, who continues to recruit and grow, right underneath his … Continue reading Pull Box: June 26

Square Enix Reveals its Avengers Video Game

First off, apologies for the delay. I’ve been on vacation, and now have a ton of catch-up to do. I won’t be covering everything, but select things that are interesting. Square Enix revealed their long-awaited Avengers video game at this year’s E3, showing off a massive, beautiful world inside the game. Additionally, Avengers will take place within an ever-expanding universe with a consistently growing roster … Continue reading Square Enix Reveals its Avengers Video Game

Pull Box: May 22 & 29

Leviathan remains one of the biggest mysteries running in the DC Universe, right now, and the way it’s been setup consistently throughout multiple books has been so damn fantastic. Now, it’s all coming to a head with Event Leviathan next month. We’ll get all the answers. The truth about who’s Leviathan, and who isn’t. That’s giving me goosebumps just thinking about it. That was mind-boggling … Continue reading Pull Box: May 22 & 29

Pull Box: May 8

While the Magic Lands story hasn’t exactly been captivating by any means, everything happening in the background has been amazing. Black Adam races to the Funlands to destroy Billy Batson, fearing for the future of the World if the Magic Lands get word of each other. Now, the sudden appearance of Doctor Sivana forcing Black Adam to join Mr. Mind or fight him? That’s a … Continue reading Pull Box: May 8