Chrono Trigger Releases on PC


The fan-favorite classic, Chrono Trigger, is now available on Steam priced at $14.99. Until April 2nd, players can grab it as a limited edition with a Chrono Trigger medley that includes the songs “Battle with Magus,” “Chrono Trigger,” “Corridors of Time,” “Far Off Promise,” and “Wind Scene,” digital liner notes from composer Yasunori Mitsuda, and six wallpapers.

The PC version of Chrono Trigger has a number of features unique to it with optimized visuals, and support for keyboard and mouse, or controller. It also features a new autosave function, and the bonus dungeons from the Nintendo DS and mobile versions, Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum, are both present. Chrono Trigger is also available on the Super NES, PlayStation, Nintendo DS and both Android and Apple iOS devices.


Capcom Unveils Limited Edition Street Fighter II Cartridge


Capcom has announced a partnership with iam8bit, in which they’ll be releasing a special limited edition cartridge re-print of Street Fighter II in honor of the series’ 30th Anniversary. The cartridge will be available in two colors: Opaque Ryu Red, and Translucent Glow-in-the-Dark Blanka Green. The collectible is limited to 5,500 pieces, with 1,000 randomly selected orders being the Blanka Green color variation.

The cartridge will carry the original game code, making it a full re-release of the original game, and is completely playable on NTSC Super Nintendo consoles.