Duncan Jones Working on 2000AD’s Rogue Trooper


Director Duncan Jones, after teasing that he’ll be working on a comic book movie as his next project, has taken to Twitter once again to tease an additional clue that all but gives new project away. Going back to his “homeland” of Britain and tackling a 2000AD character, Jones removed his hat to reveal a blue mohawk, essentially confirming his next project to be a Rogue Trooper film.

For the unfamiliar, Rogue is a Genetic Infantryman, that is genetically engineered to be immune to all known toxins. He wanders in search of the Traitor General accompanied by a helmet, a gun, and backpack that contain the personalities of his many fallen comrades.


Duncan Jones is Directing a Comic Book Movie


The acclaimed director of genre films Moon and Source Code, took to his Twitter this morning to announce that his next project will be a comic book movie. He goes on to say we’ll learn more in a few days. With that timeline, it nearly eliminates Marvel from the competition, but things look good for DC. Could Jones be directing Green Lantern Corps? What project do you think he would be best suited for?

A little nervous about this, but hell, nervous is where the fun is! I’m going to be making a comic book movie next! A pretty special one. That’s the initial tease… Second tease to come in a few days!

Jones was one of the first directors approached for Man of Steel back in 2010, but passed on it, believing that Moon, the only film under his belt at the time, didn’t yet prepare him for such a large scale film. Now, with Source Code, the surprisingly great Warcraft, and Mute, on his resume, perhaps Jones feels now is the time? His cinematic sensibilities certainly line up with DC, and his eye for wonderful shots would make for some incredibly beautiful alien worlds alongside the Green Lantern Corps. Additionally, with Geoff Johns recently signing on fully as screenwriter, that could shape up to be something special.