Sonic Mania Adventures Part 1 Debuts

Sega has debuted the first episode of their series of animated shorts titled Sonic Mania Adventures that will help promote the upcoming physical release of Sonic Mania Plus! The first episode is only a few short minutes, but adorably charming for fans of the fastest hedgehog alive hoping to see him in his animated glory again.

The story is short and to the point, but does a great job of establishing the world and how these characters interact, including a short post-credit scene that viewers should definitely stay for!


Sonic Mania Launch Trailer

Today is the long-awaited release of Sonic Mania, and with it, we have an incredibly charming new trailer for the retro-inspired title. Players who pre-ordered the game will be receiving a free digital copy of Sonic The Hedgehog this morning, on the platform that they chose to purchase the game on.

Hopefully we get a fantastic vinyl release of the Sonic Mania soundtrack, because the music in this trailer was so wonderful. Hopefully the excitement around this title gives SEGA a better understanding of what we’re after as Sonic fans.