Blade Runner 2049 Prequel Reveals Jared Leto’s Character


Collider has posted the first of three new prequel films to the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. The first, titled 2036: Nexus Dawn introduces us to Jared Leto’s character, Niander Wallace, who claims to have designed a perfected model of replicant that he calls the Nexus 9. After the events of the first film, the Prohibition of Replicant technology begins. The prequel shows Wallace attempting to repeal that ban.

Hit the jump to check out the prequel film, and watch for more prequels to pop up soon, as Blade Runner 2049 hits theaters October 6th.

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Oats Labs: Rakka

The first short from Neil Blomkamp’s Oats Studios was released this morning. Titled Rakka, and broken into three chapters, the story follows a band of the last remnants of humanity after a hostile alien takeover. The aliens are vicious, and overpowering, with the ability to take control of a person’s psych with a single look.

It’s a fantastic short film, and being the first in a volume of many, there are obviously questions that still need quite a few answers. Check it out above, and let me know what your thoughts are!