Shonen Jump Famicom Mini Revealed


Nintendo and Shonen Jump have partnered together to reveal a special miniature Famicom console to mark the 50th anniversary of manga magazine Weekly Jump. Priced at 7,980 yen ($73), the manga-themed Famicom Mini will be released on July 7th in Japan, and feature 20 Jump-inspired games that were released on the Famicom.

You can hit the jump for a full list of included titles, as well as more images of Gold and Red console.

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Bleach: Paradise Lost Trailer

Bleach is getting a smartphone RPG in the vein of Pokémon GO, that uses players GPS to track their location and find nearby hollows for them to engage in 3D turn-based battles with. The trailer above is to celebrate 500,000 pre-registrations in Japan for the game, and gives us our first look at the gameplay.

It’s cool to see more games like this popping up, and taking advantage of the interesting variety of innovations that mobile gaming has to offer. Maybe we’ll get a Final Fantasy like this, soon!

Full Tokyo Ghoul Trailer

Tokyo Ghoul just got its longest trailer yet, with a packed 3-minute theatrical trailer that gives us our best looks at the main characters of the film, as well as the effects. We even get a taste of the official theme of the film, by the band RADWIMPS, who also performed music for this year’s critically acclaimed Your Name.

Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki, a boy who is attacked on a date gone wrong, and becomes half-human and half-ghoul. Set in an alternate reality where creatures called ghouls live amongst humanity and feed on flesh to survive.