Wonder Woman is Now the Best Reviewed Superhero Film of All Time


According to Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman has managed quite the feat. Not only is it by far the best superhero film of the DC Extended Universe to date, but it is now the best reviewed superhero film of all time. Wonder Woman is currently not the “freshest” film on the site, but using Bayesian Inference (the statistical analysis of probability as more information becomes available), Rotten Tomatoes has found the Top 5 films:

Wonder Woman(108.549%) 
Logan (107.954%) 
The Dark Knight (106.313%) 
Spider-Man: Homecoming (105.957%)
Thor: Ragnarok (105.511%)

Given how new many of these films are, it’s quite the feat that The Dark Knight still remains in the Top 3 after all these years.


Ph LEVEL Review: Sonic Mania


To say the hype surrounding Sonic Mania has been considerable, would be quite the understatement. The game started as a fan-game, with a dedicated group of players coming together to take matters into their own hands, and create a true-to-form Sonic the Hedgehog game in the vein of the classics, using new and older content to craft intricate levels, with updated sprites.

However, SEGA got word of the project and it was quickly ordered a cease-and-desist. Except, it wasn’t. Instead, SEGA snatched up the developers and started working together with them, noticing a rare opportunity, and taking full advantage of of the situation to create a great game. Did it work out? Hit the jump to find out.

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Ph LEVEL Review: Castlevania


The amount of fan-made hype and anticipation for this show was, while not off-the-charts, pretty high. After that rad Nintendo-inspired trailer that Netflix posted, and the fantastic voice cast, we were all expecting a lot of good things from this animation.

Add to that, Fred Seibert acting as Executive Producer, and you have a recipe for success. But, something must have been lost in translation, somewhere. Maybe some scripts got lost? They ran out of money? Who knows? Hit the jump to see my thoughts on Castlevania.

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Ph LEVEL Review: Spider-Man Homecoming


After being introduced to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War, there were a lot of high hopes for the boy in his solo outing. His first time suiting up was incredibly memorable, and left a lasting impression on everyone throughout the film, so naturally, Homecoming would follow suit, wouldn’t it?

I can safely say that you won’t be disappointed with Spider-Man: Homecoming. It’s a good movie, with fantastic characters. Hit the jump for my full thoughts.

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Ph LEVEL Review: Wonder Woman


To say that Wonder Woman is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer is, put simply, an understatement. This film is easily one of the most anticipated films of all time, with an unimagineable amount of pressure on the shoulders of director Patty Jenkins, and star, Gal Gadot. With the future of the DC Entertainment Universe, and female-led films all laid at their feet, it would be enough to sink anyone else.

However, these aren’t normal filmmakers. Nor are they normal stars. The crew behind Wonder Woman is clearly one of the most passionate to ever be put behind, or on camera, and it’s evident based on the powerfully near-flawless movie they’ve created. Hit the jump for my long-awaited thoughts on Wonder Woman.

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Ph LEVEL Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


The first Guardians of the Galaxy film is one of my favorite Marvel titles, and I knew going into this this that I should be excited. James Gunn is an amazing director who understands the nuances of his characters better than any director really should. He know what we, the fans, want to see in these films, and he makes the movie that he himself would like to watch.

That trait is admirable if only because many directors don’t work like that, instead adhering to a strict executive-level method of film-making that caters to the larger audience in an attempt to get the biggest buck. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 takes that “fuck it” attitude that James Gunn has developed and amps it up into the most glorious, and ridiculous comic book film ever made.

Hit the jump for my spoiler-filled review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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Ph LEVEL Review: Ghost in the Shell


Ghost in the Shell has been one of the most divisive films of at least the last decade, if not further. It’s been a modern-day masterpiece of cyberpunk marketing and vision. Partnerships with bionics companies, and hacking competitions. Tech demos of much of the “concept” tech used in the film, that is actually being developed in our reality. It’s been an incredible ride, that has been completely overshadowed by a continuing plague across Hollywood: whitewashing.

Ever since the initial casting of Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi, known simply as the Major in this film, occurred, the people of the world have been up in arms. Another case of Hollywood taking a Japanese property, with what many believe to be Japanese characters, and replacing them with white actors. Truthfully, I grew up with Ghost in the Shell. Watching the film on HBO at 2am when I was 13 years old felt dangerous, and that world was so new to me, it was breathtaking. So, when the casting news dropped, I was disappointed. But then I began to think, and I re-watched the original film, and it occurred to me that many of the characters that are predominantly Japanese are portrayed that way in the film.

Hit the fold to see my spoiler-filled review of the film, and my thoughts on the casting, characters, and updates to the story for the film.

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