8BitDo Reveals New Slate of Bluetooth Controllers


Famed bluetooth controller company has had a busy E3 this year. First, they revealed an entirely new brand, and now they’ve revealed a new slate of Nintendo Switch bluetooth controllers in varying sizes and colors, all based on previous Nintendo consoles.

The full slate is expected to drop later this year. You can hit the jump to check out all the new goodies, and a slight run-down on each controller.

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PhE3: Nintendo Treehouse


Nintendo ended the barrage of E3 keynotes by doing the same thing every other company did this year: playing it safe. A few new game announcements were on the docket, but the star of the show here was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which hits stores on December 7th, of this year.

Many were expecting Nintendo to bring out the big guns this year, but their focus was only the biggest gun, which could go either way. Hit the jump to find out what Nintendo had to show off at E3 this year.

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Keep Up With Our E3 Coverage


It’s that time of year again. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3 is here, and strangely, many of the keynote showcases that the show has become known for will be taking place this Saturday and Sunday with others happening on Monday. You can follow along with all of the latest coverage from each show throughout the weekend on Ph LEVEL as we share the craziest announcements from each show, split into convenient posts for you to keep up with all the news.

EA – Saturday, June 9, 11am Pacific Time

Microsoft – Sunday, June 10, 1pm Pacific Time

Bethesda – Sunday, June 10, 6:30pm Pacific Time

Square Enix – Monday, June 11, 10am Pacific Time

Ubisoft – Monday, June 11, 1pm Pacific Time

Sony – Monday, June 11, 6pm Pacific Time

Nintendo – Tuesday, June 12, 9am Pacific Time

Analog EP54: Leave It In The Butt


The guys are back with a huge Pre-E3 episode this week, covering the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer!

Trailers for Bumblebee, Wreck-It-Ralph 2, and Lego Movie 2! A ton of DC Universe speculation, and our predictions for E3 2018! Listen to this week’s episode, and follow us on Instagram – Instagram.com/AnalogCast! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!

iTunes: http://apple.co/2nMrX1R
Stitcher: http://bit.ly/analogstitcher

BadCast – Bowser


Bovi is once again joined by Theo and Andy to talk about the most notorious villain in all of video games: Bowser!

His origins, history, creation, and many crazy schemes in an attempt to find love are all spotlighted here as the guys dig in across the many incarnations of the Koopa King! Be sure to check out the links below to listen, and rate & review on iTunes!

iTunes: http://apple.co/2nMrX1R
Stitcher: http://bit.ly/analogstitcher

Analog EP53: Sparta Was An Abstocracy


Team Analog is back on the case. Wait… that doesn’t sound right. Josh, Theo, and Bovi are here to cover the coolest shit that pop culture has to offer!

Trailers for Christopher Robin and Upgrade, a slew of crazy casting news, and some excellent video game reveals fill out this week’s episode! We even briefly talk about Solo: A Star Wars Story! Listen to this week’s episode, and follow us on Instagram – Instagram.com/AnalogCast! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!

Hylian Shield 2DS XL Unveiled at GameStop


Nintendo has revealed the Hylian Shield Edition of the Nintendo 2DS XL, with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds included pre-installed on the system. It’s exclusive to GameStop, and will release on July 2nd, for $159.99.

The new system expands the ever-growing lineup of The Legend of Zelda themed systems for Nintendo, and the unique nature of this 2DS XL is sure to make it quite a hit with collectors later this year.

Nintendo Announces Two New Pokemon Games for Switch

After we reported last week about rumors of two new Pokémon titles, Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu, and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee, Nintendo has officially unveiled the games, and they’re something else. The games will act as a remake of Pokémon Yellow, sending players back to the Kanto region to collect the original 151 Pokemon.

In addition, the game will have full Pokémon GO functionality, with players being able to move Pokémon from game-to-game. Lastly, players will be able to use the new Poke-Ball Plus controller to catch them all, as well. The controller will allow players to take the game with them, level them with steps, and light up and make noises thanks to a gyroscope inside the controller itself. Lastly, the game will feature drop-in and drop-out Co-Op for the first time in the series itself. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think!

Splatoon 2 “OctoTune” Limited Edition Unveiled


After previously reporting on Nintendo’s announcement of a second Splatoon 2 soundtrack, titled OctoTune, and featuring music from the upcoming update – Nintendo has now unveiled the Limited Edition version of the soundtrack via the game’s Official Twitter account.

The standard edition will be selling for ¥3,200 while the limited edition version will go for ¥4,800. Both will include two discs and plenty of tracks, but the limited edition version features special box art, as well as a blu-ray disc containing footage from the “Haika Live” Splatoon 2 concert from NicoNico Tokaigi 2018.

RUMOR: Retro Studios Working on Star Fox Grand Prix


A rumor is swirling that Retro Studios, confirmed by Nintendo to be working on a game for them, is actually working on Star Fox Grand Prix, a racing game based on the popular franchise. Reddit user DasVergeben posted five days ago on the Star Fox subreddit that the game will be will be “something like Diddy Kong Racing mixed with F-Zero,” with gameplay leaning more towards F-Zero.

Shortly after that, a logo was leaked on the same subreddit, albeit in low quality. The logo above is a higher quality recreation of the logo in question, though its validity has not yet been confirmed. If true, we should expect to hear more at this year’s E3.

Shonen Jump Famicom Mini Revealed


Nintendo and Shonen Jump have partnered together to reveal a special miniature Famicom console to mark the 50th anniversary of manga magazine Weekly Jump. Priced at 7,980 yen ($73), the manga-themed Famicom Mini will be released on July 7th in Japan, and feature 20 Jump-inspired games that were released on the Famicom.

You can hit the jump for a full list of included titles, as well as more images of Gold and Red console.

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Splatoon 2 Getting Sanrio Collaboration


While we in the West are busy fighting over the best Ninja Turtle, Japan is featuring a collaboration between Splatoon 2 and Sanrio, with a tournament to decide who the best Sanrio mascot is. Similar to the Turtle collaboration, players will vote in a bracket-style matchup for the best mascot, with Hello Kitty vs Cinnamoroll taking place on May 19th, from 3pm JST, to 3pm the next day. My Melody vs Pompompurin will take place one week later, starting on May 26th.

Unique to this Splatfest is the addition of real-world merch items featuring Sanrio characters wearing Splatoon-inspired goods, which are available for pre-order in the Japanese My Nintendo Store. Hit the jump to check out the in-game goods, as well as merch.

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Japan’s My Famicase Exhibition Now Online


Each year, the video game community waits with bated breath as many of its creators and contributors take part in an artistic exhibition at METEOR Japan, in which artists design fake Famicom cartridges and the art is displayed at the gallery located outside Tokyo. It’s always a fun time for the community to see the amazingly thoughtful ideas that everyone seems to come up with.

I’ve personally taken part in the event 4 times, and it’s always a rewarding experience. You can check them all out here, and hit the jump to see my entry, as well as a selection of my favorites.

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Rise of the Ninja Turtles Splatfest Collaboration Announced


Yes, you read that right. Nintendo and Nickelodeon have announced that the latest Splatfest for Splatoon 2 is Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed, with players duking it out for their favorite Turtle. The special Splatfest will feature the four Ninja Turtles: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael.

The tournament-style Splatfest will see fans vote in three rounds with the first pick starting on April 27th before the tournament takes place on May 4th and 5th, starting with Raph vs. Leo, followed by Mikey vs. Donney on May 11th 12th. The final match between the winners will take place on May 18th 19th. Additionally, new Ninja Turtle themed gear will be available, which you can check out after the jump.

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Amazon Japan Gets Exclusive Danboard Pieces


Players who purchase Nintendo Labo’Variety and Robot Kits from Amazon Japan will receive an exclusive masking tape, as well as a bonus set of parts featuring Danboard, the cardboard box robot from Yotsuba&! The masking tape is based on the sealing tape used by Amazon Japan, and the exclusive parts include pieces for use with the RC Car or Robot Visor.

You can hit the jump to check out more pictures of the exclusive parts, and hit the links above to purchase the items from Amazon Japan.

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