Diablo Animated Series in the Works From Netflix


According to Variety, Netflix is working on an animated series based on the Blizzard hit action RPG, Diablo, with Hellboy screenwriter, Andrew Cosby, on board to helm the show. This falls in line with the success of their recent Castlevania adaptation, as well as rumors of Netflix’ interest in the franchise.

While the announcement hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet, we should expect to hear more when BlizzCon hails from the Anaheim Convention Center on November 2nd.


Daredevil Season 3 Premiere Date Revealed


Netflix and Marvel Studios have revealed the official premiere date for Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3, and it’s a lot sooner than anyone expected. The highly anticipated third season will debut on October 19th, less than a month away.

The third season of Marvel’s Daredevil will see the return of Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, as well as Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, with Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, and Vincent D’Onofrio back as Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. The Kingpin. Newcomers to the series include Wilson Bethel (Hart of Dixie) as an FBI agent rumored to be Bullseye, and Joanne Whalley (The Borgias) as Sister Maggie, a.k.a. Daredevil’s mother.  Hit the jump to check out the official date announcement trailer.

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New Godzilla: Planet Eater Poster Debuts


The Official Twitter account for the Toho produced Godzilla anime series on Netflix has debuted a new poster for the upcoming Godzilla: Planet Eater, set to debut this November in Japan. Currently no release date is set for North America, but trends have it most likely in March 2019.

The poster gives us our first full look at Ghidorah in the series, doing battle with the plant-based behemoth, Godzilla. Hit the jump for a look at the full poster.

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First Trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Drops

Netflix has revealed the first official trailer for the incredibly spooky looking Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The new series follows the comic book of the same name, as a younger Sabrina explores the horrific worlds of the supernatural, occult, and witchcraft.

Kiernan Shipka stars as Sabrina in the new series. She is joined by Lucy Davis (Wonder Woman) as Hilda Spellman, and Miranda Otto (Annabelle: Creation) as Zelda Spellman.

First Trailer for She-Ra and the Princesses Of Power Revealed

Netflix and DreamWorks TV have unveiled the first official teaser trailer for the upcoming animated series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The trailer doesn’t reveal much but gives us our first glimpse of lead character, Adora, and her transformation into the legendary protector, She-Ra.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power hits Netflix on November 16th.

Henry Cavill Cast in Witcher Netflix Series


Netflix has announced that Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Mission Impossible: Fallout) will lead the cast of their adaptation of The Witcher, voicing Geralt of Rivia. Executive producer/showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has described Geralt as “stoic, circumspect, balanced, fierce, and as hiding a soft place in his heart that he’ll never reveal until the end and even then it will just be a hint.”

The Witcher is set to be an adaptation of The Witcher books, of which there are eight, which have spawned a wildly popular video game series, comic books, tabletop games, and more.

Analog EP61: Strongest Robot… Dido Bebop


Josh, Theo, and Bovi do their best on this weeks Analog! Covering all the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer!

Mark Dacascos, Dora The Explorer, the Swiss Family Robinson, and the supreme robot race round out this clearly jam-packed episode of excellent geek news! Listen to this week’s episode, and follow us on Instagram – Instagram.com/AnalogCast! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!

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Iron Fist Season 2 Full Trailer Drops

Marvel Studios and Netflix have revealed the first full trailer for season of Marvel’s Iron Fist, which is set to release on September 7th. In the trailer, we see Davos from the first season has become the Steel Serpent, Iron Fist’s arch-rival, gaining powers similar to his own.

Marvel’s Iron Fist will see Finn Jones return as Danny Rand, as well as Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum, and Sacha Dhawan as Davos, aka Steel Serpent. Additionally, Alice Eve will be playing the Marvel villain Typhoid Mary.

First Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Photos


Netflix has released the first official photos from its upcoming The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, following the classic young witch in stories that are more adult and aimed at a horror-oriented audience, based on the comic book of the same name.

Kiernan Shipka will star as Sabrina in the new series. She is joined by Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto, Chance Perdomo, Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Richard Coyle, Ross Lynch, and Bronson Pinchot in the cast. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hits on October 26th. Hit the jump to check out the second image.

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Wilson Bethel Set to Play Bullseye in Daredevil


Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 is set to hit Netflix later this year, and we know that the season will adapt Daredevil’s famous Born Again storyline, with Murdock taking on Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin once again. However, it’s been confirmed that Wilson Bethel (How to Get Away With Murder) will be playing another key figure, Daredevil’s arch-nemesis, Bullseye.

Thanks to Naqam Washington, the personal trainer for both Charlie Cox, and Wilson Bethel, this rumor now appears to have been confirmed. A final release date has not yet been set for the series.

First Trailer for Godzilla: Planet Eater Debuts

Netflix and Polygon Pictures have debuted the first trailer for the final film in the Godzilla animated trilogy, Godzilla: Planet Eater, which introduces us to a reimagined King Ghidorah in this alternate universe.

The trailer doesn’t give us much new footage, but it does provide with our first listen at Ghidorah’s roar, which is based heavily on the Heisei era of the giant monster. The cast of the first two films will be returning for the final film, which hits Netflix in Japan on November 9th. No release date has been confirmed in North America, yet.

Castlevania Season 2 Gets Debut Trailer

Netflix and showrunners Adi Shankar and Warren Ellis have revealed the first trailer for Castlevania Season 2, giving us plenty of homages to the game, gothic horror and gore, and demonic action.

Castlevania will return to screens on October 26th, conveniently the day another horror-themed show debuts on the streaming service.

Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer Gives us the Costume

Netflix has revealed a new teaser trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 that sees Danny and Colleen walking the streets of New York, as flashbacks of K’un Lun fill his head, revealing his training and the costume for the fabled Iron Fist.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 will once again star Finn Jones as the titular hero, Danny Rand. The cast will also include the returns of Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum, and Sacha Dhawan as Danny’s childhood friend Davos. The cast will also include Alice Eve who will be playing the Marvel villain Typhoid Mary.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Debuting this October


The mega-popular world of Riverdale is about to get much larger, as Netflix has revealed that The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is set for release on October 26th, just in time for Halloween. Kiernan Shipka stars as Sabrina in the new series and is joined by Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto, Chance Perdomo, Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Richard Coyle, Ross Lynch, and Bronson Pinchot.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based on the comic book of the same name, which re-imagines the many adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story that deals in horror, the occult, and witchcraft.

Stranger Things Season 3 Teaser Unveiled

While not exactly a teaser trailer, Netflix is ramping up the marketing for Season 3 of Stranger Things by unveiling a few potentially important new details through the above trailer. First, Hawkins has a new hangout, the Starcourt Mall, which is sure to be a recurring mainstay for the season, as well as giving Steve Harrington a job, alongside Stranger Things newcomer Maya Hawke, who will play Robin in the third season.

Additionally, it’s said that the Starcourt Mall is opening “Next Summer” all but confirming a Summer 2019 release for the much-anticipated season.