Analog EP94: Theo Throws Water

It’s a special double-episode week! Theo and Bovi tackle a huge E3 episode themselves, while Josh takes on jolly old London! Covering the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer!

Loads of E3 reveals from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and more. Casting and updates for Snake Eyes, Bill and Ted, Frozen 2, and even some X-Men stuff on this week’s episode of Analog! Check out the episode, and follow us on Instagram –! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!



Black Adam Finds its Director

After years of rumors and development hell, Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson finally has a director, with The Rock’s recent Jungle Cruise collaborator, Jaume Collet-Sera to take the helm of the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the success of Shazam! earlier this year has put Black Adam high on the studio’s list, putting the long-awaited adaptation the fast track.

The Rock has been cast in the role of Black Adam for years, since 2014, so it’s no surprise to see fans excited for this project. Expect more news to come later this year.

BurgerTime Party! Headed West This Fall

The, surprisingly, first modern remaster of the classic arcade game, BurgerTime Party!, is a 4-player party game teaming players up with each other to complete as many burgers as possible, while surviving the dreaded vegetables that attack. It’s also now confirmed to be headed to North America this Fall.

Chef Peter Pepper and the Food Foes return to serve up a fresh look and tons of new gameplay in this tasty reimagining of Data East’s 1982 arcade classic! After firing up the grill for some action, new modes and items will have modern chefs thinking outside of the bun to solve bite-sized puzzles like crumbling floors, oil spills, and freezing ladders, all while evading edible enemies both old and new. Local multiplayer lets 2-4 friends cooperate as cooks or compete as cuisine across 100+ stages that will keep the fun from getting stale long past Mr. Hot Dog’s expiration date. Now, let’s get cooking!

Developed by G-Mode and published in North America by XSEED Games, BurgerTime Party! is in development for a Fall 2019 launch.

Analog EP93: Pokemon Half-Eaten Can of Beans

Josh, Theo, and Bovi are here to fill your ear holes with news and cover the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer!

The first trailer for Onward, crazy DC casting news, and lots of cool video game news, including Death Stranding, and Pokemon Sword & Shield on this week’s episode Analog! Check out the episode, and follow us on Instagram –! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!


Swamp Thing Reportedly Cancelled by DC Entertainment

Continuing to show just how out of touch they truly are, the executives at Warner Bros. have decided to pull the plug on the DC Universe streaming series, Swamp Thing, cancelled it after just a single episode has aired. The decision was believed to have been made after executives weren’t keen on the direction the series had taken. The cast and crew supposedly received the notification of the cancellation of the series late last night.

The series premiered on May 31st, to generally positive reviews, making it unclear why the studio was so low on the adaptation. Swamp Thing will supposedly run out the remainder of its filmed episodes with the second episode premiering on June 7th.

UPDATE: It would seem creative differences were not the issue, after all. After a $40 million rebate filming rebate debacle in North Carolina with Warner Bros., the studio would only be getting a $14 million tax credit, which slashed nearly half the budget for Swamp Thing, making it unable to maintain its budget for a niche series. For more information, check out this Twitter thread.

Full Trailer for Jessica Jones’ Final Season

Netflix and Marvel Studios have released the first, full trailer for the final season of Jessica Jones. The new trailer gives us our first look at the villain of the piece, Gregory Salinger, who believes Jessica Jones to be a fraud and false-hero, who plans to expose her for what she truly is.

“When Jessica (Krysten Ritter) crosses paths with a highly intelligent psychopath, she and Trish (Rachael Taylor) must repair their fractured relationship and team up to take him down.  But a devastating loss reveals their conflicting ideas of heroism and sets them on a collision course that will forever change them both.”

The final season of Jessica Jones hits Netflix on June 14th.

First Official Poster for Wonder Woman 1984

Warner Bros. has announced that it will be skipping San Diego Comic-Con this year, with no Hall H presentation. However, they’re not slowing down as the studio also revealed the first teaser poster for Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the ground-breaking first film. The psychedelic new poster shows Diana sporting a new set of armor, clearly inspired by her classic Golden Eagle armor from the comics.

Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing an all-new foe: The Cheetah. Principal photography is underway on Warner Bros. Pictures’ follow up to the Super Hero’s first outing, last summer’s record-breaking “Wonder Woman,” which took in $822 million at the worldwide box office. “Wonder Woman 1984” will also be helmed by acclaimed director Patty Jenkins, and star Gal Gadot in the title role.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5th, 2020. You can hit the jump to check out the poster in full.

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Pull Box: June 5

The issue that all of us really needed, to be honest. A nice, long, exposition-filled issue that broke down everything we had learned up to this point and revealed just how far Bane had gone in his machinations against Batman. That Thomas Wayne was giving the exposition was a bit expected, but we still don’t know why he truly sided with Bane in all of this. Or even how he got here for that matter. With King out in 13 issues, we should certainly learn more, soon.

That was a million times better than the first issue of DCeased. A technological-biological hybrid virus corrupting the planet. Batman outwitting just long enough to learn the truth, and Dinah Lance is the new Green Lantern after killing an infected Hal Jordan. That’s insane! This is quickly becoming yet another awesome alternate-future story for the heroes, and I love it.

The Year of the Villain has officially begun! DC has so many incredible stories going at once right now, it’s mind-boggling. The World Forger is a member of the League now, shockingly, with the goal of finding his brothers, the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor, which is an amazing twist if they’ll join up. But, Luthor is making his own moves and has the world in quite a predicament with the villains about to be armed to the teeth. Ahhh it’s so good!

This upended the status quo quite a bit for the Shazam Family. Sivana defeated Black Adam and waits at the Rock of Eternity. Billy’s adopted family now knows the truth, while his Dad waits outside. Now, the Wizard, Shazam, has returned to rescue the children from the Magiclands, while Funland prepares to go to war with the Earthlands. That’s a doozy of an issue, for sure.

Another fun, throwback romp to the glory days of Green Lantern and Green Arrow’s classic team-up. Though the addition of Grant Morrison certainly made this one a little strange and memorable. Using Dimension Zero was certainly a fun way to put these two back together. Now, Sinestro is back in the mix, as well, which should give Hal his much-needed adversary in this crazy story.

I knew the Gemworld couldn’t be trusted, and when Young Justice inevitably finds their way back there, hell will most certainly be paid. It was great seeing the team back together, recounting what’s happened up to this point for them and getting us all up to speed, the taking down Opal with very little trouble. I’m genuinely curious as to what Jinny Hex is hauling around in her truck, though.

The latest issue in Marvel’s best event in years was yet another win for the once-named “House of Ideas.” It’s been such a long time since such a great event came from Marvel, it’s refreshing to see this continuing to fire on all cylinders. Thor has nailed himself to Yggdrasil, just as Odin did before him, hoping to stop Malekith once and for all, while the Avengers fight back against the forces of evil. All of these cool changes to characters, as well as interesting “Ten Realm” related roles has even been a lot of fun.

Pokemon: Sword & Shield Nintendo Direct

Nintendo and Game Freak hosted a Nintendo Direct this morning, spotlighting the upcoming releases of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The direct revealed plenty of new information about the games, including a few new Pokemon, and some new gameplay types. The new Pokemon revealed were the sheep Pokemon, Wooloo. The raven pokemon, Corviknight. And, the bite Pokemon, Drednaw, and a few others. There was even a new gameplay type revealed called Dynamax, which grows Pokemon to gigantic heights, allowing for more power, and more explosive battles.

You can watch the Nintendo Direct above to get a better look at all of the new reveals, and look for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield when its hits store shelves on November 15th.

Final Games Announced for Sega Genesis Mini

Sega has revealed the final games for the upcoming Sega Genesis Mini, and it’s yet even more surprises for the tiny console that could. Releasing on September 19th, the system will include 42 (!) games, 2 more than the initially announced 40. The last two additions include two unreleased titles for the Sega Genesis, Darius, and Tetris. The full list of new titles can be seen below, with the now complete list after the jump:

  • Tetris
  • Darius
  • Road Rash II
  • Strider
  • Virtua Fighter 2
  • Alisia Dragoon
  • Columns
  • Dynamite Headdy
  • Kid Chameleon
  • Monster World IV
  • Light Crusader
  • Eternal Champions
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Django/Zorro Crossover Film in the Works with Tarantino

Famed director, Quentin Tarantino, is continuing his venture into genre entertainment with his latest project. Collider has word that Tarantino has enlisted actor/comedian Jerrod Carmichael to write the screenplay adapting Dynamite Entertainment’s crossover comic, Django/Zorro, for the big screen.

Tarantino co-created Django/Zorro with writer Matt Wagner and artist Esteve Polls in 2015. The series picks upyears after the events of Tarantino’s film, with Django continuing his new career as a bounty hunter in the western states, eventually meeting Diego de la Vega, the famed Zorro. The two form a partnership and begin to dole out justice the only way they know how.

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Announced for Netflix

Netflix is continuing its expansion of massive animated series with its newest announcement, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous. The animated series is part of Dreamworks Animations continuing partnership with Netflix, and is executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Colin Trevorrow, with Scott Kreamer (Pinky Malinky) and Lane Lueras (Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny) serving as showrunners and executive producers. 

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous follows a group of six teenagers chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a new adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar. But when dinosaurs wreak havoc across the island, the campers are stranded. Unable to reach the outside world, they’ll need to go from strangers to friends to family if they’re going to survive.

Teaser Trailer for Amazon’s Carnival Row

Amazon has revealed the first teaser trailer for their upcoming eight-episode series, Carnival Row, starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, as an inspector and a fairy, respectively, who work together to stop a series of murders in Carnival Row. The series explores the tensions between the human citizens and the increasing population of mythical creatures in the city after fleeing their homeland.

As well as Bloom and Delevingne, the cast includes David Gyasi (Interstellar), Karla Crome (Misfits), Indira Varma (Game of Thrones), and Tamzin Merchant (Salem). Carnival Row premieres on August 30th, 2019.

Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest: WALK

In a bid to compete against the massive success that is Pokemon GO, Square Enix has announced a new augmented reality RPG, Dragon Quest: WALK. In the game, players traverse the in-game world through their own, doing battle with classic Dragon Quest monsters. Additionally, players can earn and buy in-game items to customize their player and dwellings.

No word on a release date yet, but a beta has been announced for Japan, with no word yet on a release date for North America.

Magic: The Gathering Animated Series in the Works at Netflix

After wrapping up what looks on track to become the biggest movie in box office history, The Russo Brothers are moving on to their next project: a Magic: The Gathering animated series for Netflix. Netflix announced the series as part of a new partnership between the streaming giant and Hasbro’s Allspark Studios. While details are scarce as of right now, we know the series will follow the Planeswalkers, legendary spellcasting heroes and villains that traverse the multiverse doing battle.

Hopefully we’ll learn more soon as this could easily become something massive for Netflix if handled well. Magic still has quite a fan-base and in the right hands could be great.