The 2019 My Famicase Exhibition

Each year, METEOR Japan opens the floor to artists and designers from all over the world and invites them to enter the My Famicase Exhibition. A collection of fake games, created by hundreds of talented individuals. Everyone creates a cover for the game, tasking METEOR with finding the perfect color, and style cartridge for their title. Afterwards, they are all put on display for those in Tokyo to view at the physical storefront.

You can hit the jump to check out my entry for this year, my 5th (!) time being in the show, as well as many of my favorites for 2019.

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Japan’s My Famicase Exhibition Now Online


Each year, the video game community waits with bated breath as many of its creators and contributors take part in an artistic exhibition at METEOR Japan, in which artists design fake Famicom cartridges and the art is displayed at the gallery located outside Tokyo. It’s always a fun time for the community to see the amazingly thoughtful ideas that everyone seems to come up with.

I’ve personally taken part in the event 4 times, and it’s always a rewarding experience. You can check them all out here, and hit the jump to see my entry, as well as a selection of my favorites.

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