Jack Bannon Cast in Pennyworth Prequel Series


It’s being reported that Jack Bannon (The Imitation Game, Fury) has been cast in the lead role of Alfred Pennyworth in the upcoming Epix series Pennyworth, which will as a Batman prequel showing the origin story of Bruce Wayne’s most trusted and capable confidant.

The 10-episode series begins production on October 22nd, to debut in 2019. Featuring a “boyishly handsome and charming young man from London, that one would never take for a trained SAS killer.”


Netflix Cancels Marvel’s Iron Fist


Just a few short days before the release of Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3, it’s been reported by Deadline that Netflix has cancelled Marvel’s Iron Fist, and will not be renewing it for a third season. However, it’s been added that Marvel’s Iron Fist could find a new home on the upcoming Disney streaming service. Additionally, Finn Jones’ portrayal of Danny Rand will still continue through the other Netflix Marvel shows, as well. So, keep your fingers crossed on that Heroes for Hire, or Daughters of the Dragon crossover.

“Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew and showrunners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the immortal Iron Fist will live on.”

Enchanting Teaser Trailer for Aladdin Debuts

Disney has revealed the first incredible teaser trailer for its upcoming live-action adaptation of Aladdin, directed by Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes). The first trailer gives very little in the way of footage, but we get our first look at Mena Massoud (Jack Ryan) as Aladdin, as well as the Cave of Wonders, which now appears to be lion rather than a tiger.

Aladdin also stars Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) as Princess Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari (Murder on the Orient Express) as Jafar, and Navid Negahban (Homeland) as the Sultan.

New Trailer for Glass Debuts

Universal Pictures has shared the latest trailer for the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan sequel, Glass, continuing the stories first established in Unbreakable and Split. Returning for Glass are cast members Bruce Willis as David Dunn, Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, aka Mr. Glass, and James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crumb, aka The Horde. They’re joined by Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), and Anya Taylor Joy (The Witch).

A Blinding Edge Pictures and Blumhouse production, Glass will be released by Universal Pictures on January 18th, 2019.

Secret Six Series in Development with CBS


After previously dipping their toes into the superhero genre with Supergirl, which now resides at The CW, CBS is looking to get back in the game. Variety is reporting that CBS has commissioned a pilot for a Secret Six series, which currently has Rick Muirragui (Suits), Bill Lawrence (Scrubs), and Jeff Ingold (Whiskey Cavalier) attached as executive producers alongside Warner Bros. TV.

Secret Six centers on six morally ambiguous strangers, each with their own unique specialties and secret pasts, who are brought together by an enigmatic figure who blackmails them into working as a team to expose the corruption of the corporate and political elite.


Analog EP67: Spooky Doctor Wahwee


The ooky spooky times have finally fully returned for Josh, Theo, and Bovi! Covering the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer!

Trailers for Aquaman and Good Omens, a ton of DC casting and first looks, James Gunn’s comic book movie future, and even Mega Man on this week’s episode of Halloween… I mean Analog! Listen to this week’s episode, and follow us on Instagram – Instagram.com/AnalogCast! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!

First Aladdin Poster Debuts


Disney has revealed the first official teaser poster for the upcoming live-action Aladdin adaptation, giving us a tease of Will Smith’s genie and the iconic lamp. Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott star alongside Will Smith as Aladdin and Jasmine, respectively, with the film releasing in 2019.

It’s possible that we could see a full trailer, soon, with Disney have plenty of upcoming films they could attach it to, including Ralph Breaks The Internet, and Mary Poppins Returns. Hit the jump to check out the poster in full.

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Pull Box: October 10


Something about Batman in this case seems looser than usual. There’s more arrogance in the way he talks. A more knowing rapour with his confidants, and a trust in himself that seems strange given what’s happening in the main Batman book. But, it’s nice and it certainly works here. The mysteries with Kobra, Karl Twist, and Two-Face, as well as what Jim Gordon has to do with them seem interesting with little in the way of answers so far. Just a trail that we’re following alongside Batman.
Something about seeing Hawkman and The Atom together again gave me actual goosebumps. Two of the oldest friends in all of comic books, these two have seen the brightest and the darkest times, and it was great to have them work together again. Hawkman has been a fantastic read so far, and it just keeps getting more fun as the adventure gets more crazy.
Plastic Man is not the smartest hero in the world, but this book has made him down right dumb. He’s a low IQ gangster who seems to have not been in the hero business for very long, yet in this universe, he’s just been stuck in an egg form for several years. Unless this is meant as a prequel to all of the other stuff. Which is entirely possible. The only issue is the number of sub-plots that don’t seem to be getting much attention. The Cabal. Pado. Granite Janet. A little too much happening at once.
Rogol Zaar is a very imposing villain, and despite his minimal origin he’s already made enemies of some of the most powerful and intelligent people in the Universe. And he seems to just keep making that mistake over and over again. When he does finally get defeated, it’s going to be in the most decisive way, and that will be quite satisfying to see.
These new forces latching onto the Rogue’s have made each of them so far infinitely more relatable and sentimental. It’s allowed us all into their minds, and shown that the Flash’s villains are more than just one-note bad guys. They’re real people that were pulled into a world of advanced technology, and broken pasts. I wonder which force will be next, with Mick Rory, aka Heatwave taking on the Sage Force?
Now that Lord Drakkon is all handled, it’s nice to see Go Go Power Rangers getting back to basics, exploring its relationships and character development with a younger team of Power Rangers. This book has always seemed more emotional and raw in a way, and it’s a lot of fun to read. Now with power shenanigans happening, it can get even more weird and fun.

Casting Details on The Witcher Series


In a interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner for the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, has revealed plenty of casting news for the upcoming series, as well as addressing the fan backlash regarding casting rumors from several months ago. First off, Freya Allan (Into The Badlands) and Anya Chalotra (Wanderlust) will join Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia, as Ciri and Yennefer of Vengerberg, respectively. Additionally, Jodhi May will play Queen Calanthe of Cintra, while Björn Hlynur Haraldsson will play her husband, Eist. Adam Levy will play Mousesack the Druid, and MyAnna Buring will be the head of a magical academy named Tissaia.

Hissrich had this to say regarding fan backlash:

It boils down to a couple things. One, this property has such a passionate fanbase. I think any leak at all was going to attract this type of attention, and with any attention comes backlash to that attention. I do think that whatever information is trickling out there, there will be people responding positively to it and people responding negatively to it. I think that’s just part of making a television show, and especially a show this big. In terms of why people responded so strongly, I think the fans really have pictures of these characters in their minds and I don’t blame them for that. I get it. When I read my favorite books I certainly imagine characters a certain way. There’s obviously a couple lines of description of Ciri in the books and people become very enamored with their own vision of it. I think coming in as a writer and saying my vision might look different than yours is scary for fans, but truthfully I don’t think it has to be. One of the things I feel most strongly about is people being afraid that we’re going to strip out the cultural context of The Witcher, to remove its Slovak roots, the very thing people in Poland are proud of. That couldn’t be further from the truth. What I’ve always wanted to do is take these Slovak stories and give them a global audience.

More details on The Witcher will hit when available as currently a release date is not set for the highly anticipated series.

First Trailer for Pet Sematary Debuts

Pet Sematary is often considered one of Stephen King’s most terrifying novels, and the tone and tension in this first trailer for the all new reboot certainly conveys that well enough. Starring Jason Clarke and John Lithgow, the film sees a family move to a small town, only to discover the woods hold more secrets than they could ever know.

Pet Sematary hits theaters in April 2019, and should be yet another fantastic addition to the modern reboots of Stephen King novels.

James Gunn Working on New Suicide Squad Film


After being fired from Marvel Studios, in what many believe was an unwarranted move, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have confirmed that James Gunn is in final talks to write, and possibly direct a new Suicide Squad film for the studio. Gavin O’Connor had previously been announced as the writer-director on the sequel, but it would seem things have changed on that front, with the Guardians of the Galaxy director now taking the chair.

Little is known at this time, but stay tuned for updates as this story is still currently developing.

First Look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman


The first official image of Ruby Rose (John Wick: Chapter 2) as Kate Kane, aka Batwoman, from the upcoming Arrow crossover has leaked online, and it’s something to behold. The costume is incredible comic accurate, and seeing it in motion should be pretty fantastic.

The crossover between Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl begins shooting soon, with an early December air-date, and sets up Batwoman for her own solo series, which is expected to debut in 2019. Hit the jump to check out the image in full.

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First Good Omens Trailer Debuts


At New York Comic-Con this weekend, Amazon dropped the first trailer for their upcoming adaptation of the Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett classic, Good Omens. Starring Michael Sheen (TRON: Legacy) and David Tennant (Doctor Who), the series follows a demon and an angel as they work together to stop the apocalypse.

A release date is not currently set, aside from 2019, but if this trailer is any indication, then this should be yet another fantastic adaptation of a Gaiman novel.

New Hellboy Banner Unveiled



Lionsgate has revealed an exclusive New York Comic Con banner for the upcoming Hellboy reboot, giving us our first look at many of the new characters. This includes Ian McShane as Hellboy’s adoptive father, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (aka Professor Broom), Milla Jovovich  as Nimue (aka the Blood Queen), Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, and Daniel Dae Kim as Major Ben Daimio.

Based on the acclaimed graphic novels by Mike Mignola, the story follows Hellboy (David Harbour) in the early days of the BPRD, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, as he battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.

Incredible New 5-Minute Aquaman Trailer Revealed


James Wan shared a new poster for Aquaman yesterday, revealing that a new trailer would debut the next day, but this is more than anyone could have expected. A new, 5-minute, extended trailer for the film was revealed, giving us in-depth looks at many incredible scenes, as well as a peek into the story, as well as Arthur Curry’s comic accurate costume.

This trailer looks better than anyone could have ever anticipated, and it looks even more like December 21st is going to be a packed house for movie-goers in every theater, when Aquaman hits.