McDonald’s Japan Gets New Pokémon Toys


McDonald’s Japan has revealed a new set of Pokémon toys for Happy Meals that promote the upcoming movie – Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story. The film is set to release this Friday, on July 13th with the toys becoming available just a few short days ago.

The toys feature three different Pikachu toys, an Eevee toy, and a toy for each Alolan starter. In addition, McDonald’s Japan has also released a video spotlighting each toy and how to use them, which you can check out after the jump.

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Super Mario Cereal is Also an Amiibo


In stores in North America as early as December 11th, Kellogg’s Super Mario Cereal is a mixed berry cereal with Mario-themed marshmallows. It’s also been a cereal that’s been rumored for a little over a week. Which is weird. But it’s not the cereal that’s been a rumor, it’s been the box, which also works with the Nintendo Switch as an Amiibo.

Using the Amiibo function of the cereal box will net you a good chunk of gold coins, and hearts in Super Mario Odyssey.

Binging with Babish: Harry Potter Special

The latest episode of wonderful YouTube cooking series, Binging with Babish, is celebrating the release of his book in the United Kingdom with a special Harry Potter episode. In the episode, Babish creates delicious seasonal-appropriate Pumpkin Pasties, as well as an incredible looking Treacle Tart, which looks like the next dessert I’ll be making.

To cap it all off, he finishes with the iconic Butterbeer from the series, adding a bit of schnapps to the mixture to make it a bit more satisfying for us adult-folk.

Arby’s Announces Turkey for Game of Thrones Finale


Fast food chain, Arby’s, has decided to treat fans for the season finale of Game of Thrones this weekend, on August 27th, by serving smoked turkey legs. Just a big fat stick of meat right out of the drive-thru window. It’s a pretty tie-in, while not technically being a tie-in. However, legitimately everything points to that.

The bad news? There are only nine locations nationwide serving the promotional turkey legs, with them being scattered across larger cities. Hit the jump to see the locations that serving promotional turkey legs.

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Check Out These Breath of the Wild Recipes

I’m a pretty big fan of Binging With Babish, it being one of the few YouTube channels I regularly follow. His amazing film-inspired recipes are fun to watch, and immensely informative if you have any interest in cooking.

The video above is his latest, and his first foray into the world of video game cooking, which features recipes from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He starts with a campfire Mushroom Risotto, as well as Campfire Apples. The coup de grace, as it were, is an Ube Monster Cake, with Durian Frosting (pictured above) that looks fantastic, but a bit out there. Just the way I like it.

New Pokémon McFlurry


Last week, McDonald’s Japan asked users to guess which new flavor McFlurry they were bringing to locations as part of a special for the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon. The flavors were interesting to say the least, with Bulbasaur Broccoli, and Habanero Charmander being among them.

The winner, as expected, ended up being Pikachu, who had the most down-to-earth flavor among the group with his chocolate banana flavor being made available on July 14th, in McDonald’s locations across Japan. Coincidentally, Chocolate Banana is also the flavor of the Minion tie-in McFlurry, so take that with what you will. Hit the jump to get a look at the adorable special packaging.

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