Sega Announces Sonic Tabi Sock Collaboration

Sega has announced a special collaboration with a tabi sock company in Japan called Sou-Sou. The idea was made in collaboration through Ritsumeikan University with the concept of “promoting a university’s idea using Sonic the Hedgehog.” They’re incredibly stylish, yet traditional in a warm way.

The Takasago Iroha Sonic x Sou-Sou Tabi are similar to normal tabi socks except they have soles and can be worn as shoes. They will retail for ¥8,000 plus tax, while the standard Sonic tabi socks will retail for ¥550.


Uniqlo Reveals Blizzard Line of Shirts


Japanese clothing retailer, Uniqlo, has revealed a new line of t-shirts based on various Blizzard properties. This includes items inspired by Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft and World of Warcraft. The shirts all run for $14.90 and are available while supplies last over at the retailer’s website.

Uniqlo has been on a roll with the fashionable geeky shirts, including runs from Marvel, and Shonen Jump dropping in the last few months.

Radio Eva Reveals Collaboration With Vague Watch


The lifestyle branch of Evangelion, Radio Eva, has revealed a new watch collaboration with the Vague Watch Company out of Tokyo Japan, and it’s a beautiful piece of equipment. The watch is based on Japanese Diver watches from the 1970’s, and features a black sublimated face, with two different colors of leather strap included.

Additionally, as a nice piece of character, the second hand is the fabled Spear of Longinus from the series. The watch is available for ¥37,800, and can be purchased over at the Radio Eva site.

XLARGE Unveils Collab With Eureka Seven


Los Angeles-based streetwear brand, XLARGE, has announced a new collaboration with popular anime franchise, Eureka Seven, set on five different pieces with a dual colorway system. The collection is set to release both in-store and online on May 18th, ranging in price from ¥5,500 – ¥6,500 for the shirts, and ¥12,000 for the bag.

You can see the collection in full at their Official Website. This isn’t the first time Eureka Seven has reached the streetwear scene, and given the new trilogy of films, Hi-Evolution, it most certainly won’t be the last.

FILA x Pokémon Announced for Korea


FILA Korea has announced a Korean-exclusive partnership with The Pokemon Company featuring five limited edition sneakers inspired by Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Jigglypuff. There’s no word on an international release yet, but it should be possible to find them online via an importer when they release.

Hit the jump to check out more adorable images of the sneakers via Instagram.

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PG2 PlayStation Sneaker Unveiled

Oklahoma City Thunder player, Paul George, is considered one of the best in the world, so it’s pretty fantastic that his latest sneaker colorway is PlayStation-themed. The shoes features a light-up tongue that uses the PlayStation logo on one side, and the PG logo on the other.

It also features PlayStation icons and colored speckles on the outsole. Hit the video above for a full look at the new, and epic, sneaker.

New Balance x Evangelion Sneakers Releasing Soon


New Balance is releasing a collaboration with Evangelion in Japan and China this weekend, and their surprisingly clean design for an EVA collaboration. The shoes will go on sale in four color-ways, with very subtle and muted color schemes.

The coolest part? Each pair comes in a padded zip-shoe box, with a themed liner to match the show. They’ll retail for approximately $100USD, and go on sale this weekend. Hit the jump for more pictures.

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Insert Coin Clothing Reveals Kojima Partnership


Insert Coin Clothing is an on-the-rise clothing brand that specializes in stylish video game-themed apparel that includes t-shirts, bags, and beautiful jackets. Some of the games they support are Bioshock, Shenmue, Persona, and more. Now, they’ve just made a huge deal, and can add Kojima Productions to that list.

The brand announced this morning that an upcoming line based on Hideo Kojima’s popular game studio will be debuting later this year. No other details are currently available, but stay tuned for a look at the line.

Want Your Own Game of Thrones Cloak?


If you’ve always envied the fashion prowess of Jon Snow, then IKEA Norway has you covered. While he may know nothing, Jon certainly knows how to keep warm with the fiercest… IKEA rugs? That’s right! While it’s been known for quite some time that costume designer Michele Clapton used IKEA fur rugs to create the garb for the Starks of Winterfell, it’s only recently picked up a head of steam.

Now, IKEA Norway has released a set of “Official Instructions” detailing how to create your own. Hit the jump to check out the adorably Swedish instructions.

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BAPE x Pokémon Announced


Well-known Japanese department store, Isetan, has announced that they’ll be hosting a capsule collaboration between A Bathing Ape and Pokémon for a limited time between August 16 – 21. The collab features Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu getting the BAPE treatment, along with a pattern of the characters with some Poké-Balls.

The collection will be getting a wider Japan release across BAPE stores in Harajuku, Shibuya, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo, as well. Hit the jump for a look at the full line of shirt designs.

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BLAME! x ACRNM Capsule Collection


One of the most wonderfully unique and awe-inspiring manga series ever created, is without a doubt Tsutomu Nihei’s BLAME! series. A one-of-a-kind trek through a dystopian landscape following a mysterious man named Killy, with an even more mysterious all-powerful weapon. The series is getting an animated feature release later this year, and in preparation for the film, it’s been announced that the film has partnered with iconic tech brand, Acronym.

You can head over to to see the entire capsule collection, launching this Saturday in Japan across select retailers.