Pull Box: May 16


Skinny and bearded Booster Gold was, for some reason, one of the best things I have ever seen in a comic book. This was a great ending to a story that was so insane, that it had to end in this insane, tragic way. Booster Gold carries the weight of so many of his unknown adventures, but it was interesting to see him actually reveal this one. To tell Batman and Catwoman of his “gift” and how wrong he was, and how the world was changed. Because of one, life-altering gift.
I think I may be done picking up Damage. This book continues to suffer, and the random addition of Gorilla Grodd working with Poison Ivy was a bit much for me. It’s sad when the two-panel piece of character development with Ivy turning back into Pamela is more interesting than the starring character. He’s just so flat, and while I’m supposed to root for him, and be sympathetic, I just can’t get behind him as a character.
I cannot handle how amazing Starro is as a character in this book. Adding him to this series was the most inspired choice anyone could have ever made, and it’s all the better for it. This story is moving a lot slower than expected, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I was hoping for a little more crazy character interaction. The Lobo and Beast Boy exchange was only a taste, but it was a great one. Pretty much the highlight of this entire issue, so hopefully there’s more where that came from.
The art and storytelling in this book is so beyond comparison. It’s like reading a fairy tale, as it should be. What’s most interesting is that in this world of magic and war, Batman seems more at home than Wonder Woman. Diana is so obsessed with keeping the peace between these people that she seems almost blinded, glamoured as it were, by the entire realm. Blind to its mysteries. But Bruce is seeing through trick after trick, mystery after mystery. Each issue, more questions mount, with fewer answers given. Hopefully things start to pull themselves together soon.
An interesting premise gives this a good shot at being an interesting book, but yet another team up out of the New Age of Heroes seems a bit redundant. Additionally, nothing is going to be better than The Terrifics. Though, it’s very possible that they could link up eventually, as I think that was Tom Strong in the Museum with the Challengers? I can’t be sure, until I get better acquainted with the history. Let’s see how the next few issues fare and go from there.
Thus concludes The Mighty Thor. The War of the Realms is finally imminent in one of the most slow-burning stories I’ve ever seen in comics. Jane Foster still has a role to play, but it would appear that, starting next month, the Odinson will return to his rightful place as the eventual King of Asgard. I have no idea how that will happen, but it’s sure to be an interesting book. I’m just hoping the creative team sticks around for a bit longer.
Shattered Grid just keeps piling on the hopelessness. Each time the Rangers start to make strides toward evening the odds, Drakkon just pulls two more steps ahead, gathering more power and defeating more Rangers. It’s interesting that Drakkon spent so much time with the Zeo Rangers, where Tommy was a leader, and at his most beloved. It shows his weakness, but also belies a lot about his character and the regret over the choices he made in his own past.


Pull Box: March 28


Metal has been my favorite comic event in almost a decade and the ending most certainly did not disappoint. It was just as grand and batshit crazy as the rest of the series, and the future that it set up is unlike anything the DC Universe has seen. The source wall, a long-standing barrier around the multiverse itself has been broken, and it’s only a matter of time before the fun repercussions of Metal start to truly take hold. Metal set up Scott Snyder’s run on Justice League in epic fashion, and I can’t wait to see where it leads. This was the end of an era, as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo part ways, but they made their last hurrah the most epic thing they could imagine, and it stuck the landing.
Stories that involve Brother Eye just instantly have this tone to them, that elevates them to the next level. This is no different. Tim is faced with a choice, but he still believes in Bruce, and the symbol that Batman represents for hope in Gotham. Having the activation of Brother Eye be the catalyst for the eventual murder of Batman by the Colony, and Tim possibly being able to stop it is a pretty great way to move this forward, and show the reason that Tim is forced to step into the role, after letting his mentor down.
This issue was straightforward and stuck simply to asking some of the biggest questions we’ve had in Doomsday Clock. Who is the new Rorschach, and how did he come to be working with Adrian Veidt? The answer is tragic, and depressing. A long story of growth and a sort of triumph in the face of mental adversity. Reggie is more connected to the story than he knows, and his path after disappearance of Doctor Manhattan is proof of that.
That was a brutal-ass fight, but in the end a feint by Zod led to the Green Lanterns falling directly into his trap. He lost the battle, but now has the means to win the war, with direct intel against every major military in the Universe. That’s a genius military move, the likes of Krypton’s greatest general doesn’t often get credited for. Slowly but surely, Zod is building himself as a credible threat to not just Superman, but the entire Universe, and eventually the Justice League.
Curing Grodd to defeat him was absolutely genius, but of course the genius madman had one last trick up his sleeve. This was another great example of a hero using their experience with a villain against them, as Barry thought about various science things throughout the issue to block out Grodd, while simultaneously concocting a plan to defeat him. A rare example of writers showing just how smart Barry really is, which doesn’t get touched upon often.
Adding Deathstroke to the mix with the Silencer is literally the best thing that could have happened to this character. This issue was a fun throwback to the 90’s full of gunfights and crazy explosions, and adding the DC Universe’s most deadly assassin will just up that throwback-feel tenfold. The Silencer has quietly been one of the more solid “New Age of Heroes” books and I hope it holds up.
Yet another throwback for the New Age of Heroes, as The Terrifics is a fantastic example of classic space-faring fun with cosmic implications. Even the characters they’ve chosen are a throwback. I’ll say it every issue, but Plastic Man doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit. He’s a fun, interesting hero that’s managed to differentiate himself through sheer personality alone, and it is fabulous.
We’re finally getting the showdown we’ve been asking for for months! Wonder Woman against Darkseid. While he’s not yet full power, he’s still a match for most. The wild card here is Jason, Diana’s brother. I can’t shake the feeling that he and his new armor will play a factor in the defeat of the New God. Perhaps the “giants” he saw were Zeus and the other Old Gods? Not actually dead at Darkseid’s hands? An interesting theory…
I managed to catch up on all of this just in time for the Shattered Grid crossover, and it started off in epic fashion. Drakkon manipulating Ninjor, and possibly killing Tommy in this universe? The implications of the death of Tommy would be insane, thanks to the massive effect he has on the future of the Power Rangers in the prime universe, so it will be interesting to see where this leads, if he is in fact dead, or if this leads to him becoming the White Ranger.

Check the Awesome Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Trailer


Boom Studios! and famous Power Rangers actor, Jason David Frank, have shared a new live-action trailer for the long-awaited Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic book event. The comic event of the year will begin on March 28th, spanning across Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24-#30, Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #8-#12, and three special one-shots.

It’s an impressive trailer written and directed by Kyle Higgins, and starring David Frank, with costumes by Aniki Cosplay. Hit the jump to check out the incredible trailer.

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