Analog EP81: Superhero Fantasy Princess!

Josh, Theo, and Bovi are back… and they’re finally talking about Doom Patrol! Covering the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer.

Trailers for Frozen II and DC Super Hero Girls, as well as news on Loki and Howard the Duck, and even some kick-ass new announcements! Check out the episode, and follow us on Instagram –! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!



Analog EP80: Method to the Madness

Josh and Theo are joined by a Fauxvi in a terror-packed episode of trailers! Covering the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer.
Trailers for Doom Patrol, Shazam, Pet Sematary, Child’s Play, and more! There’s even a bit of news on Aquaman 2 on this week’s episode of Analog! Check out the episode, and follow us on Instagram –! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!

First Trailer for Doom Patrol Now Online

DC Universe has shared the first trailer for the upcoming live-action series, Doom Patrol, giving us our first look at Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody, in the process. Doom Patrol stars Joivan Wade as Victor Stone/Cyborg, Brendan Fraser as Robotman, Matt Bomer as Negative Man, Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder/The Chief, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane and Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody.

Doom Patrol premieres on the DC Universe on February 15th, so not much longer to wait until the weirdest super-team hits our screens.

Analog EP75: New Year, New Sixth Day


Josh, Theo, and Bovi are back from the holiday hiatus, ready to ring in the New Year! Covering the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer!

The first trailers for Hellboy and Men in Black International, loads of casting for Stargirl, as well as premiere dates for Doom Patrol and Stranger Things 3! The guys even talk Aquaman, and the first look at the live-action Aladdin on this week’s episode of Analog! Check out the episode, and follow us on Instagram –! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!

Doom Patrol Teaser and Premiere Date Revealed

DC Universe has given us our first teaser trailer for the upcoming streaming series, Doom Patrol, as well as a series of character posters, and even a premiere date: February 15th, 2019.

Doom Patrol stars Joivan Wade (The First Purge) as Victor Stone/Cyborg, Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) as Robotman, Matt Bomer (White Collar) as Negative Man, Timothy Dalton (Doctor Who) as Niles Caulder/The Chief, April Bowlby (Drop Dead Diva) as Elasti-Woman, Diane Guerrero (Orange is the New Black) as Crazy Jane and Alan Tudyk (Firefly) as Mr. Nobody. You can hit the jump to check out the fantastic character posters for the team.

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DC Universe Release Calendar Revealed



DC Entertainment hosted a packed house at New York Comic-Con this week for their new streaming service, DC Universe, and to celebrate its release, they’ve revealed the full release calendar for the many series in the works for the service.

Titans hits next week, on October 12th, with the first half of Young Justice: Outsiders hitting in late December. Doom Patrol in mid-February, followed immediately by Swamp Thing and the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders in late May. Then we get Stargirl in August, and Harley Quinn in October. Quite the busy release schedule for the fledgling service, which will most likely only grow as time goes on.

Negative Man Cast in Doom Patrol Series



Brendan Fraser (The Mummy), the voice of Robotman and Cliff Steele actor for the upcoming Doom Patrol series for DC Universe, took to the New York Comic-Con stage last night, and revealed that Matt Bomer (White Collar) will voice Negative Man and play Larry Trainor in flashbacks for the upcoming series.

In the comics, Negative Man is a founding member of the Doom Patrol. Trainor was exposed to a radioactive field while piloting a test plane, leaving him radioactive, and giving him the ability to release a negatively charged energy being from his body. The being can fly at high speed, cause solid objects to explode, and pass through solid materials. After his accident, Trainor is forced to wear special bandages over his entire body to protect bystanders from his radioactivity.

Timothy Dalton Cast as Chief in Doom Patrol


While early rumors pointed to Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) taking on the role, it would seem that the leader of the Doom Patrol, the role of Dr. Niles Caulder, aka The Chief, will be taken by former 007 actor Timothy Dalton (Hot Fuzz, Penny Dreadful), according to Deadline.

Dalton joins an impressive cast for the DC Universe streaming series, alongside Brendan Fraser, April Bowlby, Jack Michaels, Joivan Wade, and Dwain Murphy.

Alan Tudyk Signs on To Doom Patrol


Deadline is reporting that fan-favorite genre actor, Alan Tudyk, has signed on to play the villain for the upcoming DC Universe series, Doom Patrol. Tudyk will play Mr. Nobody, a long-time villain in DC Comics, with the ability to drain the sanity from people.

Alan Tudyk is most known for his role on Joss Whedon’s Firefly, as well as turns in Dollhouse, and Amazon’s The Tick. He’s also an iconic Disney voice actor, voicing at least one character in a Disney animated film for the last several years.

Brendan Fraser Joins Doom Patrol


According to Deadline, Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) has just been cast as Cliff Steele, aka Robotman, in the upcoming DC Universe live-action series Doom Patrol. Cliff Steele is said to be a former race car driver that “was in a horrific accident that left his body uninhabitable. Cliff’s brain was saved by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder and he lives on in a powerful robotic body.”

Fraser will voice Robotman, and play Cliff Steele in flashbacks, while actor Riley Shanahan will don the Robotman costume itself.

Joivan Wade Cast as Doom Patrol’s Cyborg


DC Entertainment has announced that Joivan Wade (The First Purge, Doctor Who) will be joining the DC Universe live-action series Doom Patrol as Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. He joins an ever-growing cast that will be making its debut in the fifth episode of Titans, then transitioning to their own solo series for the streaming service.

A release has not been set, but we should be hearing word soon as the service launches later this year.

Kelsey Grammer In Talks for Doom Patrol


That Hashtag Show is reporting that Frasier and Transformers: The Last Knight star, Kelsey Grammer, is being eyed to take on the role of The Chief for the DC Universe upcoming adaptation of Doom Patrol. The casting is still in early talks, but that would certainly be some fantastic casting for a very deep character.

Eccentric, brilliant, paternal, and mysterious. The Chief is a noted scientist, wealthy investor and, of course, leader of The Doom Patrol. The Chief rescued each member of his team from horrific accidents, nurtured them to health, resuscitated their self-esteem and sent them into the world to defend a populace that sees them as little more than freaks. His disarming manner does little to conceal a steely determination and unwavering devotion to defending Earth from Evil’s oddest entities.

Doom Patrol Series Greenlit at DC Universe


Greg Berlanti is a man on a mission. He now has 13 series greenlit at once, giving him the record for most active television series in production at once, and he’s added an adaptation of Doom Patrol set to debut in 2019 on The DC Universe streaming service. Doom Patrol will pick up after the events of Titans, where the group will make their debut, with Cyborg appearing to the group with a warning.

Doom Patrol is an adaptation of one of DC’s most beloved group of outcast heroes. Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, and Crazy Jane, led by modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder, aka The Chief. Members of the Doom Patrol each suffered horrible accidents that gave them superhuman abilities – but left them scarred, and traumatized. Afterwards, the team found purpose with Chief, who brought them together and helped form the family they know today.

Pull Box: February 28


As with every story he’s in, Booster Gold doesn’t get the glory of saving the day in the end. I’m glad to see this story finally over, but it laid the groundwork for a lot of good stuff in the future, particularly the re-introduction of General Sam Lane after years away from the fold.
The personal trial of Batwoman that brought together the Bat-family was pretty tense, with each member making their own points, and all making sense. However, Barbara once again shows that she’s the most human of all of them, being the only one to put together Bruce’s personal connection with Kate Kane. The big takeaway here, of course, is Batwoman’s decision to join the Colony. One that Batman had been trying to keep from happening…
The final issue of the Milk Wars crossover was just as weird as everything else, but it managed to pull everything together in an actually comprehensible way. Most impressive for a story that was so all over the place, with such drastically different ways of telling a story that is only half-told. We never received all the pieces until the end, but it all made such incredible sense, even though it really shouldn’t have. Nicely done.
When the Green Lanterns go in, rings blazing, it makes for a hell of a good read. Kyle Rayner being infected with Hal’s willpower was pretty amusing, and John’s plan to go to the Guardians while the others do what’s necessary was pretty well thought out.
An interesting twist as the end of the last issue, Barry seemed freed of his powers, like shackles being taken off his wrists. But now, he seems desperate, as if he has to get them back at any cost. Freeing Godspeed seemed like a solid strategy, in my opinion, and the small moments with Wally West being a hero in Central City were charming, and gave me goosebumps.
This is still a great throwback to the 90’s and early 2000’s, with the huge rush of assassin-themed characters that kick too much ass. Once again, Romita Jr.’s artwork pushes this well beyond the scope of what it even would be, and the interaction of certain DC characters in this more grounded world just works really well. It’s definitely something I’d like to explore more of.
The Terrifics has already positioned itself as being, inevitably, one of my favorite new books. Plastic Man is top three in my favorites, and Mr. Terrific is up there, as well. Couple those great characters with a cosmic, universe-saving plot involving some retro-style storytelling and you have a damn good read ahead of you. God, I love Plastic Man.
This was the most exposition heavy issue of Wonder Woman in actual years, as Diana and Steve spend the majority of time catching us up with what’s been happening throughout the last several arcs, as well as reminding us of characters we may have forgotten. But, it leaves us with two major questions: Where has Themyscira gone, if no longer on Earth? And, where the hell did Jason go, now that he’s got a costume, and clearly much more confidence?

Geoff Johns Confirms Doom Patrol in Titans


Writer, and head of Creative with DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, has confirmed that the Titans won’t be alone in their live-action debut on DC’s streaming service, as episode 5 will feature the introduction of the Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol is a superhero team consisting of many of DC’s more eccentric characters, made popular by Grant Morrison in the early-90’s.

Beast Boy was an original member of the Doom Patrol, so it’s possible that factors into their inclusion, but with Hawk and Dove also joining the Titans, it’s looking to be a haven for lesser known live-action debuts of DC characters.