Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is now Half-Life 3


In a way, at least… Players that pick up Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition on Steam before the deadline of May 1st will receive the Half-Life Pack, which allows Noctis and multiplayer characters to cosplay as Gordon Freeman.

Players will receive the HEV Suit, Glasses, and even a Crowbar for their character in what is surely one of the coolest crossovers in quite some time. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be available on March 6th, with a demo dropping February 26th.


Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Pre-Order Costumes Revealed


Capcom has unveiled the first batch of DLC costumes, available to players who pre-ordered the game. Those costumes are Warrior Thor, Evil Ryu, Gladiator Hulk, and Command Mission X. The game’s release is imminent this month, so if you’re hoping to get your hands on these babies, you might want to get on it.

However, which costumes you get depends on which version of the game you pre-order. The $59.99 standard edition only gets you Evil Ryu, and Warrior Thor. If you want all four? You’ll need to pre-order the $89.99 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Deluxe Edition that includes the game and 2017 Character Pass or $199.99 Collector’s Edition that includes four statues, six LED Infinity Stones, and the Deluxe Edition of the game. Hit the jump to check out a trailer for the costumes.

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Injustice 2 Starfire Gameplay Trailer


NetherRealm Studios has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the final upcoming DLC character for Injustice 2: Starfire. Starting this August, Starfire is coming to the game’s character roster on a hunt for Dick Grayson’s killer, one of her loves she’s out to avenge.

The latest gameplay trailer reveals moveset, while showing off her deadly energy beams, projectiles, and her supernova super move.

Geese Howard is Tekken 7’s Newest DLC Character

Bandai Namco revealed at EVO 2017 that Fatal Fury-fan favorite character, Geese Howard, will be the newest DLC character in Tekken 7. Howard is the main antagonist of the Fatal Fury series, as well as a mainstay of The King of Fighters series.

Geese Howard will be available to play in Tekken 7 late 2017.

Watch_Dogs 2 Getting Party Mode

Watch_Dogs 2 has been consistently delivering new and exciting free content since its launch, and done a great job at keeping promises. One of its more lofty promises was that of a 4-player Party Mode for online multiplayer. Well, this Tuesday, July 4th, that promise is made a reality, as players can join up with 3 other friends and raise hell across San Francisco.

The update also includes a few bug fixes, as well as new maps, outfits, weapons, and more. Ubisoft states that Party mode is meant to be “more about cooperation than competition, so anything that happens in this mode will not affect leaderboard standings.” This should most certainly be a great update.

Diablo 3’s Necromancer Finally Hits This Month


The Necromancer class in Diablo 3 has been teased for what seems like ages, and now, we’re finally getting it on June 27. The Necromancer will be priced at $14.99 and will require the Reaper of Souls expansion on PC to play. The pack will also grant access to additional character slots, a portrait, banner, sigil, accent and pennant, a brand new pet and some items for your pets.

Blizzard also revealed the new Eternal Collection for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, that will give console players full access to the game and all of its DLC, including the Necromancer.

SFV: Introducing Ed

Capcom has released a character introduction film for the newest DLC character, named simply Ed. The video shows Capcom Community Manager, Matt Edwards, talking over gameplay footage of the character that spotlights his Psycho-Powered abilities, and various V-moves. He seems to be fairly balanced, as far as mid-range abilities go, with his Psycho powers being particularly useful against other ranged attacks.

For Season 2, the Street Fighter V roster will grow from 22 to 28 with six additional characters. Street Fighter is playable on PlayStation 4 and PC.

First Injustice 2 DLC Revealed

So, in the latest episode of Analog, I took a shot in the dark and said that the new Joker is actually Jason Todd, to troll the rumormongers of the DC Entertainment Universe. Then, less than 12 hours later, they announce Jason Todd as a DLC character. Thanks, Netherealms!

Now, my theory still isn’t dead yet. Perhaps he’s a DLC character because his moveset would obviously be different as Red Hood. There’s also his mannerisms in this trailer, which look very similar to the Joker in Injustice 2, as well. Also, the inclusion of Starfire, to fill out the Outlaws, and Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero are both a fun way to add some interesting characters to the game. Either way, announcing the first DLC pack is a smart way to drum up a bit more pre-order support for the title, before it releases on May 16th.