New Comic Books: May 10

It is a remarkably slow week this week, for comics. No major events moved forward, and even the largest mainstream canon book we were given was a flashback, that did little more than give a bit more character development between Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale. Next week is looking at being a massive week, so I suppose this is simply the calm before the storm as far as that’s concerned. The only major release this week in mainstream continuity, we get a look at the first meeting between Wonder Woman, and Veronica Cale. Diana has gone full-celebrity, and attends a … Continue reading New Comic Books: May 10

Wonder Woman Final Trailer

The final full trailer for Wonder Woman before the film’s release has finally hit, and it is one hell of a trailer indeed. We see a lot of the same footage as usual, but with plenty of new footage of a young Diana, and see some new shots of the war. It’s a grand trailer for one of the most anticipated films of the year. Each new piece of footage I see for this makes me more and more excited, and I absolutely can’t wait. The only thing I’m a little upset about, is that we still haven’t seen Ares, … Continue reading Wonder Woman Final Trailer