Justice League Reshoots Removing Cliffhanger Ending


Slash Film has gotten their hands on one heck of a scoop, claiming that the currently ongoing reshoots for this November’s Justice League are completely removing a cliffhanger ending from the film. The ending in question saw the arrival of Darkseid on Earth, setting up the sequel for the film. However, given the current state of DC’s film slate, it makes sense to leave that reveal for later.

Wonder Woman star, Robin Wright, who played Antiope, is being brought back for flashbacks in the film, that will show the origin of Steppenwolf, and his arrival. What are your thoughts on the update, and now lack of Darkseid. Given the upcoming slate, this could be quite a blessing, to have such a large shadow still looming over the DCEU, much like Thanos in the MCU.

New Mister Miracle Comic Announced


Mister Miracle is an incredible character that few know much about. He was created by the legendary Jack Kirby, after a fallout with Marvel over creator rights, and had the epitome of 70’s style kaleidoscope comics, with space adventures and all kinds of ridiculous ideas at play. Born Scott Free, Miracle is an escape artist who after being imprisoned on Darkseid’s home planet of Apokolips, due to his “New God” status, escaped and made it home safe to his family on New Genesis.

Written by Tom King, most recently of the notable Vision book with Marvel, and groundbreaking Omega Men for DC. King has shown a prose in his tragic writing that few writers these days are able to emulate. Art is being handled by Mitch Gerads of The Punisher and Sheriff of Babylon. The title launches its 12-issue run this August.

Head over to PASTE to check out an interview and first look at the title.

Injustice 2 Character Roster


So, in about 2 weeks, Injustice 2 finally hits store shelves and basically fulfills a wish I originally didn’t expect to see. The first Injustice title is an all-time favorite for me and my wife, and we had a ton of fun with friends and each other playing through this incredibly amazing game. Now, the sequel is being released and it looks even better than the first, with new characters, a new story, and now we even get character customization!

In preparation for the release of the game, Netherealms has been releasing a ton of roster information with character unveiling trailers and move-sets being released for the entire roster (that we know of). I have decided to take on the daunting task to collect all of them, outside of YouTube, so hit the jump and check out the entire roster for Injustice 2: Every Battle Defines You!

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