First Look at Black Lightning’s Thunder


It was only a matter of time before we had confirmation that Black Lightning’s daughters would be suiting up in the series, as well. They’re nearly as famous as he is, with several animated incarnations to speak of. Now, star Nafessa Williams has shared an official look at her Anissa Pierce in full costume as the heroic Thunder.

Williams also confirmed on Twitter than Thunder would be a lesbian like her comic book counterpart. Black Lightning premieres Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. (after The Flash) on The CW. Hit the jump for a look at the full image.

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Crisis on Earth-X Crossover Event Full Trailer

The CW has posted a full trailer for the upcoming 4-part Crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X pitting heroes from Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow against an evil alternate universe ruled by Nazi-versions of the same heroes. The crossover is set to be feature-length, spanning the course of four hour-long episodes, and is sure to contain more than its share of surprises and cameos.

The crossover event begins Monday, November 27th, on Supergirl, and will air on each DCCW show the rest of the week, in order.

Jesse Rath Cast as Brainiac-5 in Supergirl


Two Brainiac’s in less than a week! It’s been revealed that Supergirl has cast Jesse Rath (Defiance) in season three as Brainiac-5, a reformed Brainiac from the year 3000, who is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. It’s set to be a recurring role in the DC Comics adaptation, and ensures the arrival of the future team of heroes in the future.

Brainiac-5 will appear in episode 10 of this season of Supergirl, titled “Legion of Super Heroes” (was there ever any doubt?).

Chantal Thuy Cast as Grace Choi in Black Lightning


Variety has learned that Chantal Thuy (Pretty Little Liars, Madam Secretary) has been cast as DC Comics hero, Grace Choi, in the upcoming Black Lightning series. In the series, Grace Choi is the first person Anissa Pierce, daughter of Black Lightning confides in about her abilities. She’s the daughter of a Bana Amazon and has great strength and resilience.

In the comics, she became a mainstay of the group, The Outsiders, after being recruited by Nightwing.

New Poster for The Flash


The CW has unveiled a new poster for the third season of The Flash, showing just how important Barry Allen’s supporting cast has become to its success, with fan favorite Vibe coming to the forefront.

The newest season has been much more light-hearted in tone with jokes, and plenty of fun dominating the series after its somber third season. With characters like The Elongated Man still yet to appear, there’s still plenty of surprises in store for the wonderful show. Hit the jump to check out the poster in full.

First Look at Constantine The Animated Series


Warner Bros. Animation and CW Seed have posted a first look at the Constantine Animated Series announced this weekend at New York Comic-Con, and it looks fantastic. The first clip features Matt Ryan returning to voice his occult counterpart, and making a deal with an ancient demon to keep the peace.

The clip is gory, action-packed, and animated in a way that very much resembles his Justice League Dark incarnation. Perhaps this will be set in that world? Though, it’s more likely that this will continue to follow in the trend of being set in the CW-Verse.

John Constantine Confirmed for Legends



There’s been a rumor for quite some time that Matt Ryan’s John Constantine would be making an appearance on season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow, and now showrunner Phil Klemmer has confirmed his appearance.

“We get Billy Zane and the circus [in the second episode]; we get a little Julius Caesar on the beach in Aruba in the premiere,” he told Rotten Tomatoes“We meet [new team member] Zari in this sort of dystopian future. We get to do a little Amblin alien episode back in the ’80s; we do some Jack the Ripper Victorian London; Golden Age of Hollywood; John Constantine doing an exorcism.”

We don’t know yet how the team will come across him, but his appearance is at least another bright spot in the never-ending story of Matt Ryan’s game-changing Constantine portrayal.

First Poster for Constantine Animated Series



Fans of the NBC live-action Constantine were more than a little perturbed when the show was cancelled right as it started to find its footing. However, The CW has announced that Matt Ryan will return to the role in animated form for a new CW Seed series. You can hit the jump for a look at the full first poster, and below for a complete synopsis.

This all-new animated series from Warner Bros. Animation and Blue Ribbon Content follows DC’s popular comic book character John Constantine (voiced by the live action series star Matt Ryan), a seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult. Armed with an arcane knowledge of the dark arts and a wicked wit, he fights the good fight. With his soul already damned to hell, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. With the balance of good and evil on the line‎, Constantine uses his skills to face the supernatural terrors that threaten our world and send them back where they belong. After that, who knows… maybe there’s hope for him and his soul after all.

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Jill Scott Joins Black Lightning


Entertainment Weekly has learned that Grammy-Award winning singer, Jill Scott, has joined The CW’s Black Lightning in the role of DC Comics’ villain, Lady Eve. In the comics, Lady Eve was a member of the Kobra cult, and it would appear that her on-screen origin, while a bit different, hints at that coming into play in the future.

“Eve will be the bridge between Tobias Whale and a secret group of corrupt leaders. Always a consummate professional, Scott’s onscreen alter ego presents herself in Freeland as the owner of a funeral parlor, but quickly becomes an adversary to Black Lightning”

Jill Scott also voiced Storm on the BET animated series for Black Panther, as well as Why Did I Get Married, 2012’s Steel Magnolias, and guest roles on Fringe and Being Mary Jane.

Tom Welling Wants to Join The Flash


Tom Welling took a much-needed break from television after his ten-year run as Clark Kent on the fan-favorite CW hit, Smallville. Now, he’s returning to the small screen with a role in the FOX series, Lucifer. But, it looks like the actor is a bit interested in returning to the role he made his own for years.

In an interview with Nuke The Fridge, Welling expressed his interest in possibly guest starring on The Flash with its vast multiverse making it ripe for the choosing with nostalgic actors. “I am willing to go on The Flash and I have a few ideas on how it can happen if the network asks me. In fact, I think I can make it happen,” said Welling.

Amy Jackson Cast as Saturn Girl in Supergirl


It appears that the upcoming season of Supergirl is headed to the 31st Century, as Legion of Superheroes co-founder, Saturn Girl has been cast in the 3rd season of the hit series. Actress Amy Jackson has been cast to play the telepathic hero.

Amy Jackson is an accomplished Bollywood actress, making her American debut. The third season of Supergirl premieres October 9th.

Crisis on Earth-X Announced for The CW


Warner Bros. Television and The CW have announced that this year’s 4-part crossover event for the CW DC Universe is titled Crisis on Earth-X. Details on the event are slim, but we know it will be airing on November 27th-28th, and feature a dark alternative universe of sorts, as well as the wedding of Barry and Iris, given the promotional poster.

You can hit the jump to check out the full poster, released by The CW across the shows’ respective social media platforms.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Coming to The CW


Announced today in a press release by the CW and Archie Comics, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is set to be a dark horror show, designed to serve as a companion series to Riverdale, the station’s popular gritty Archie adaptation, and is being planned for the 2018-2019 TV season. Hints have been dropped of Sabrina joining the crew since the series’ premiere, and it seems to finally have come to pass.

The series, written by Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and directed by Lee Toland Krieger, is heavily inspired by Archie’s grim re-imagining of Sabrina in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic, which serves to paint a much darker picture than the old Melissa Joan Hart series ever did.

Kirk Acevedo Cast as Richard Dragon in Arrow


Season 6 of Arrow has finally found their big-bad for the season, with genre actor Kirk Acevedo (Fringe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) playing the part of Richard Dragon. Deadline says Richard Dragon is an ex-con, who is released from prison after serving time for a crime he didn’t commit.  A master in hand-to-hand combat, he’s set to take over Star City’s criminal underworld upon his return.

Arrow is clearly taking cues from The New 52 run of Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire, with Ricardo Diaz Jr. being trained by the League of Assassins and taking on the name Richard Dragon.

Krondon Cast as Tobias Whale in Black Lightning


Musician Marvin “Krondon” Jones III has been cast in CW’s Black Lightningas a series regular playing the villainous Tobias Whale, according to Deadline. Tobias Whale is a large, physically-imposing gangster, and one Black Lightning’s earliest and most formidable foes in the comics.

I was excited about Krondon when I saw his audition. He’s going to make a great Tobias! His authentic street sensibility along with an insightful intelligence is perfect for the Tobias character arc. Not to mention his regal physical bearing will be additive to making our show exciting and different.