Pull Box: August 1


This could very well be one of the greatest issues of a single comic book I have ever read, culminating into one of the greatest endings and team reveals I’ve ever seen. Alternate Universe Guardians of the Galaxy with Cable, Jubilee, Ms. Marvel, Nova Rocket Raccoon (?), and Howard the Duck Juggernaut (!)… it doesn’t get better than that. That’s absolutely absurd and hilarious, an holy cow, amazing.
This was a seriously Bruce Wayne-focused issue, and it’s always nice when we get those. Seeing the opposite end of the spectrum for the Dark Knight is always fascinating. Particularly when he’s interacting with other Gothamites from around the city. You can tell he wants to help these people with their problems, and stories, but can’t reveal too much about who he is, but in damning Batman, himself, so severely, is he hurting his ability to do his job in this city? We’ll find out, I suppose.
That was easily the best issue of Justice League so far, and that’s saying something incredible. We finally have the answers. The plan that Luthor has been hatching and his motivation for all of this. No Justice was the setup for Lex Luthor, above all else, and Justice League is the follow-through. The door-knob itself still remains a mystery, but we’re closer to the truth. What is “Doom?”
This has been the slowest issue in the last several issues for Mister Miracle, but I suppose having to decide whether to sacrifice your only child is kind of a “whole issue” decision. There’s a lot of pluck foreshadowing happening here, and I’m interested in seeing the true nature of a lot of it. Who is Funky? He seems like he’s going to be something a little more powerful than just the random friend of Scott and Barda. And how will the Life Equation play into all of this? I guess we’ll find out soon, as the end is finally approaching.


Pull Box: July 4


All of this build. This incredible slow-burn to the only wedding in comic book history that I would be excited for. And it comes to a beautiful crescendo, and they can’t go through with it. Doubt in Catwoman’s mind tells her that Batman is too important, and if he’s happy, that Batman will fail. Her mistake is thinking that Batman’s misery is his only strength. But then comes the letter, from so long ago, where Bruce had confessed that he truly died long ago. What does this mean for the future? What about Bane and his gathering of villains at Arkham? Was the Thomas Wayne? What is going on?!
The Cosmic Ghost Rider was easily one of the best surprises from the most recent run of Thanos books, so giving him his own solo title was a no-brainer. Then, having him go back in time to kill baby Thanos, only to have him take him to space to try to redeem the kid? That’s just ridiculous, and genius. This will definitely be a fun book to keep an eye out for. Hopefully there are some parallels to Cable and baby Hope, because if there’s one thing Marvel is good at, it’s hero and baby stories.
Luthor has quite the elaborate plan in place. Manipulating these forces of nature such as the Still Force, and the Ultraviolet Spectrum to his own ends. In anyone else’s hands, it would be absurd, but against all odds, Scott Snyder pulls these threads together and it actually works. Justice League is one of the best things going in comics, and I can’t wait to see where this goes from here.
Well, this ended in quite the crazy twist! The deal with Jor-El happened before the battle with Rogol Zaar, who destroyed the deep-space communicator in the Fortress battle, which only added to Superman’s grief and worry. The memorial to the city of Kandor was beautiful, and the cliffhanger that Superman had been setting the fires across Metropolis seems strange. Maybe it’s the alternate reality Jon? Even more questions, now!

Jessica Chastain in Final Talks for X-Men: Dark Phoenix


X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set to be released next November, and the cast is finally starting to come together, with details about where we can expect the story to go. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Jessica Chastain is in final talks to play Lilandra, leader of the Shi’ar Empire.

The trade is reporting that Lilandra is the film’s primary antagonist, so it looks like we can expect the X-Men to go cosmic, as well. An interesting thought, but with such a hit-and-miss record on Earth, we’ll see how well the film can do off-planet from a storytelling perspective.