Chris Evans Confirms Departure from the MCU


Avengers 4 is currently undergoing a few re-shoots before its release next May, but after that, Chris Evans has confirmed something inevitable that we all knew was coming. He is leaving the role of Steve Rogers aka. Captain America, to pursue other ventures as his contract is expired. His contract actually expired after Infinity War, but he opted to see the story through to the end.

Captain America is expected to be one of the casualties of the Infinity War, much like his comic book counterpart was killed after the events of Civil War. Afterwards, Bucky Barnes aka. The Winter Soldier took up the mantle of his long-time best friend, which fits with the redemption story that Marvel is telling with the now White Wolf.


New Deadpool 2 Trailer Drops

20th Century Fox has dropped a new trailer for Deadpool 2 that puts full spotlight on the story, and the formation of the X-Force, who officially gets their name here. The villain of the film is officially Cable, which comes as quite the surprise, as the time-travelling hero is attempting to kill a dangerous mutant in the past.

The new trailer is some pretty great fun, and definitely sets the stage for a potentially great movie amidst confusion based on reshoots and up and down leaked reviews. Only time will tell as Deadpool 2 hit theaters May 18th.

Pull Box: March 21


After years of building, we’ve finally seen the moment… the moment that Jane Foster became Thor, and changed not only Marvel as a whole, but the entire landscape of comics. It was just as satisfying as her entire run as the Mighty Thor has been. The moment where she took her helmet off was when I lost it, and started to tear up, unsure of what the future will hold for this wonderful Thor.
A tragic conclusion to yet another incredible arc for Tom King’s run on Batman. This Poison Ivy arc has been absolutely astounding, and the realization that Ivy’s motivation for it all was a lie from the beginning, a ruse perpetrated by Riddler to manipulate her emotionally during the War of Jokes and Riddles… that was some masterful writing.
Damage is just on the verge of becoming a great and interesting story, but thus far it’s still just on the edge. It’s a character we’ve seen a thousand times, but he’s mixing it up with Wonder Woman, and now with Batman. Throwing Batman into the mix is certain to spice things up a bit, and hopefully push it over the edge like his “New Age of Heroes” brethren.
I’m still so confused, but delighted by this book. There’s still a pretty heavy mystery happening here, but Neal Adams is so obsessed with writing such batshit dialogue that we’ve gotten almost no exposition on the actual happenings. Or perhaps we have, and I just haven’t pieced it together yet? It’s hard to say, but I will certainly keep reading, and hoping this makes a little more sense.
Naturally, the opposite of Doom is Fun, and Bizarro’s Legion of Fun is set to definitely be one of the funnest things in comics, right now. Changing the Earth to be round, and causing energy shifts. It was a nice touch that Superman is so experienced with the Bizarro World that he knew immediately what to do about Boyzarro, and how to speak with him and the rest of the Bizarro family. It went a long way to making him the seasoned veteran.
I love Batman in magical stories. He’s so out of his element, but he refuses to let it phase him. He’s convinced that magic is just science that we don’t yet understand, but he pushes himself to understand it. To manipulate it, and be able to control it in his own way. Thus far, the Wonder Woman aspects of this story have been lack luster, but the addition of Batman should definitely up the ante and make this story more fun and mysterious.
I’m not going to lie. I just caught up on Thanos and it is fabulous. Particularly this most recent arc with The Rider, and glorious time travel. There’s so much to love happening here that it can’t help but make one smile while reading it. These stories are always the best, and this one is no different. I’m just excited to see how it concludes, and worry that they won’t be able to get past the bar that they themselves have set.

Shazam! Logo Officially Unveiled


Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have unveiled the first official logo for the upcoming Shazam! film, hitting theaters in April 2019. Entertainment Weekly will be streaming live from the set of the film for a Q&A tomorrow afternoon, and it’s possible we could see a short trailer.

We’ve seen plenty of set photos of Zachary Levi in costume as the god-powered superhero, but we have yet to see him truly in motion. Hopefully we can get a look sooner, rather than later.

DC Comics Announces Ricanstruction Benefiting Puerto Rico


DC Comics has announced a special limited anthology comic that will feature stories from comics giants like Gail Simone, Greg Pak, and Reggie Hudlin along with newcomers like Gabby Rivera, and actors like Rosario Dawson, and Rubén Blades. 100% of the book’s profits will go to efforts to restore Puerto Rico, which is still heavily reeling from the Hurricane last year, despite no longer being in the news.

The book will contain more than 100 stories that put a spotlight on different aspects of Puerto Rican culture, featuring DC heroes, and Puerto Rican hero La Borinqueña. Preorders for Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico are open today and the book hits comics stores nationwide on May 23. Hit the jump for a look at the full cover.

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Analog EP45: Technical Dissiculties


We’re back from hiatus! Sorta! Josh and Theo have returned sans Bovi after a bout of technical difficulties to cover the latest cool shit that pop culture has to offer!

The latest Nintendo Direct, Shazam, a few badass trailers, and some possibly bad news for Deadpool 2! Check out this week’s episode of Analog! Check out the links below to listen, and please Rate & Review us on iTunes!


New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Marvel Studios has shared the newest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and it’s filled to the brim with action and character interaction that we’ve dreamed of for years. Iron Man and Star Lord, Captain America fighting Thanos, and Doctor Strange and Spider-Man… all moments in this one trailer, and it still manages to not spoil the plot, at all.

It’s an impressive trailer, and definitely one pushing the hype train forward in a big way for Avengers: Infinity War. Additionally, tickets are now on sale at all major online ticket retailers! Get them now, because they’re going fast!

Ava DuVernay Directing New Gods Film for DC


That is the craziest headline that I thought I would never write. Ava DuVernay made history last week as the first black woman to helm a $100 Million+ tent-pole film with A Wrinkle in Time, and now she’s set to join the DC Universe as she is in talks to direct a New Gods film.

New Gods is based on the popular Jack Kirby creation, but is said to not be tied to the DC Extended Universe for the time being, so we’ll see what interesting film gets made.

Pull Box: March 14


That was the absolute best way to reintroduce newer readers to General Sam Lane and his tensions with Superman, while also creating a new arc involving Hank Henshaw and the inevitability of the corruption of Superman’s Kryptonian technology. I’m not sure where that story is going, but it’s sure to blow up in Superman’s face in some crazy way.
There are so many moving pieces to the story taking place in Detective Comics right now, but like a game of chess, each piece is vital to the endgame, and it’s looking to be a great story. Batwoman and the Colony, the fall of the Knights Program and Batman’s unraveling trust, Tim’s interactions with Ulysses Armstrong. These are all leading to something bigger, and better, and it will be fun to see where it leads.
The thought of Zod and his family playing possum against the Green Lantern Corps, and then just absolutely laying waste to an entire squad of Lanterns is insane. That was one of the most brutal beatdowns I have ever seen a Green Lantern endure, and seeing Zod and Hal Jordan fight each other at full strength is going to be quite the sight.
That was easily the most somber and straightforward issue of Mister Miracle, and it was a joy to read. I’m honestly hoping that this is all, in some way, canon, and Jacob being a New God becomes a thing that affects other books in some way. The back-story for Barda and Scott was nice, and the way they named their son was fitting, given their history together. Definitely a beautiful read.
This is easily one of the best stories Flash has had since Rebirth started. Grodd is a believable villain with a great plan, full of twists and turns. Each time we think the Flash Family might have gained the upper hand, it was still always part of his plan. I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this arc, because it’s sure to be a good one.
The new, more powerful, Jason is definitely an intriguing player in all of this. Given the hint of the Greek Pantheon from the past, it’s probably going to be the Old Gods that gave Jason his newfound abilities and golden armor, but it’s still too hard to tell at this point. The biggest takeaway from here? Darkseid is getting desperate, and invading A.R.G.U.S. headquarters seems like a hell of a risky thing to do.
Now that is how you introduce a kick-ass multiverse-trekking story. Such an interesting plot, with one of the most insane multiversal twists I have ever seen. Doom becoming Galactus and swallowing the entire universe?! That is anime level crazy, and I absolutely love it. It’s stories like this that make me miss the Fantastic Four.

Vin Diesel Officially Cast as Valiant’s Bloodshot


It’s been a long process of back and forth casting for the Valiant Universe character, but immortal marksmen Bloodshot now officially has an actor in Vin Diesel. Based on the character created by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton back in 1992, Bloodshot will follow Ray Garrison, a super-soldier created by a government organization code-named Project: Rising Spirit.

The film will come from writers, Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) and Eric Heisserer (Arrival) with Blur Studios’ David Wilson in the director’s chair.

Kristen Wiig Confirmed as Cheetah


Wonder Woman 2 now officially has its villain. Director, Patty Jenkins, confirmed this morning on Twitter that Kristen Wiig has officially been cast as Barbara Ann Minerva AKA The Cheetah.

No other news regarding the sequel aside from its setting and villain have been revealed, but the film is expected to start filming this summer, so expect plenty more in the months to come.

DC Comics Announces Black Label


DC Comics has announced a shocking new addition to their Multiverse library, with the addition of DC Black Label, which will pit powerhouse writer and artist duos with some of DC’s biggest characters, without the context of DC history to worry about.

Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. are taking on Superman. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo tackling Batman one last time in a supernatural murder mystery after the death of the Joker. Kelly Sue Deconnick and Phil Jimenez re-telling the origin of the Amazons. It’s going to be one hell of a ride. Hit the jump for a full breakdown of solicitation, as well as a few cover reveals.

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Pull Box: March 7


This has been a great arc so far, with such an interesting and unique story that I don’t think I’ve ever read with these characters. It’s so fascinating because it seems like Batman is one step ahead of Ivy, but we’re not sure where that step is leading, because we’re on the same page as Ivy in this instance. I can’t wait to see what Bruce has planned with Harley, since she’s “exactly what [he] was expecting.”
Bizarro is such an up and down character, but Bizarro World will always be the best. The addition of a Boyzarro now makes it even better, and it should be fun to see the adventure these two go on. It’s obvious they accidentally brought him back on their excursion, and now Bizarro is going to go on a journey to get his Not-Son back.
That twist at the end! That was fantastic! This series just keeps firing on all cylinders, and I have no idea who to trust anymore. Nightwing is definitely playing something, because he would never betray Bruce like that, but Barbara is always the more emotional one, hence her not going along with the plan. The truth about the Fries family and the Waynes wasn’t what we thought, but Neo-Joker is still one of the deadliest villains that Batman has ever had. Such an incredible issue.

First Full Trailer for Legion Season 2

FX has shared the first full official trailer for the second season of Legion, and it seems to be just as strange as the first, which is absolutely a good thing. At the end of the first season, David was taken by a mysterious item and transported away, but he seems to have returned, albeit a little different.

On top of that, the mutants have joined forces with Division 3 to combat the growing threat of the Shadow King. Season 2 of Legion debuts on FX on April 13th.

Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer/Date Announcement

Netflix is on a tear today, with the first bit of footage and a release date for the highly anticipated second season of Luke Cage, set to drop on Netflix on June 22nd. No other details about the season are known other than casting, but it looks like Luke Cage is out to issue a challenge to people who think they can walk all over him.