Rockstar Working on a New Midnight Club Title?


An intrepid Reddit user has discovered an as-of-yet unreleased Midnight Club title on Xbox One. The title was discovered, mostly by accident, on a now locked Xbox One Developer account, and could indicate any number of things. The initial theory was that it was a remaster in the vein of Phantom Dust, but more current vehicles being available would suggest a series reboot instead.

There hasn’t been an update to the cult street racing franchise in 9 years, and for many, myself included it would be a welcome sight. Most racers these days take themselves too seriously, with Need for Speed’s upcoming Fast and Furious-inspired title being the sole entry in a genre littered with simulators.


Disney Announces Space


While the title is still preliminary, Disney Animation Studios unveiled a new project set in the Cars Universe, tentatively titled Space. The footage opens to a desert, with a photo-realistic render of a crashed plane. Just afterwards, two experimental jet plants blow by, shaking the camera, and racing each other out of the atmosphere, showing a gorgeously rendered Earth (seen above).

Space still has a long way to go, but the film has a release date of April 12th, 2019. NOTE: Once again, that logo isn’t mine, it’s just something I whipped up real quick.

Gran Turismo Sport Coming This October

It’s admittedly a bit sad to see how far Gran Turismo has fallen down the pecking order of franchises that Sony cares about in regards to the PlayStation. What was once considered a cornerstone, is now relegated to a 30-second trailer. However, after several delays, we finally have a definitive release date for the game at October 18th.

In addition to the release date, we were also shown a special edition. The Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition comes with an eight car GT Sport Starter Pack, 30 GT Sport avatars, a Livery Sticker Pack, a Chrome Racing Helmet for your Driver Profile, $1M in-game credit, and Steel Book package.