Men in Black Spinoff in the Works


Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures is developing a Men in Black spinoff based on a script by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum (Iron Man, Transformers: The Last Knight). The article states that the story of the new film will focus more on the Men in Black organization as a whole, on its global scale, rather than just a single branch in New York.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will not be reprising their starring roles, though cameos are not off the table. The new film will instead focus on a new team of MIB, and is being fast-tracked for a May 2019 release.


Ph LEVEL Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


The first Guardians of the Galaxy film is one of my favorite Marvel titles, and I knew going into this this that I should be excited. James Gunn is an amazing director who understands the nuances of his characters better than any director really should. He know what we, the fans, want to see in these films, and he makes the movie that he himself would like to watch.

That trait is admirable if only because many directors don’t work like that, instead adhering to a strict executive-level method of film-making that caters to the larger audience in an attempt to get the biggest buck. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 takes that “fuck it” attitude that James Gunn has developed and amps it up into the most glorious, and ridiculous comic book film ever made.

Hit the jump for my spoiler-filled review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

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Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Confirmed


One of the most underrated genre films of the last few years is the shockingly fantastic Tom Cruise-vehicle that doesn’t feel like a Tom Cruise-vehicle, Edge of Tomorrow. Based on a Japanese manga titled All You Need Is Kill, and directed by the wonderful Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow balanced an insane story with great performances and visuals. Everyone brought their A-Game for this film, and it showed.

Now, Liman has confirmed that the film has a title: Live Die Repeat and Repeat. The title is based on the promotion for the film that lead up to its home release, where the full title was changed to Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow. We also have word that both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt have signed on to reprise their roles. The film is set to be both a prequel, and sequel, taking advantage of the film’s time-travel tools to craft an original and mind-bending story.