WWE 2K18 Cena “Nuff” Edition Unveiled


WWE unveiled a new Collector’s Edition for WWE 2K18 called the Cena “Nuff” edition, celebrating John Cena’s storied 15-year career in the WWE. The set includes the game, an exclusive John Cena figure, commemorative plaque, the WWE 2K18 Season Pass, as well as playable versions of Rob Van Dam and Batista, and in-game costumes for John Cena. The set also includes the Kurt Angle pack, and some exclusive content for WWE SuperCard.

The WWE 2K18 Cena “Nuff” Edition will launch later this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with only 30,000 copies being made available for $149.99.

Fatal 4-Way Announced for Summerslam


WWE announced last night that Brock Lesnar’s WWE Universal Championship will be decided in a Fatal 4-way match at next month’s Summerslam. Brock Lesnar (Champion) will defend against Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman. The tension between all the men spilled over yesterday after a brawl broke out, resulting in Strowman laying out Reigns and Joe.

Summerslam takes place August 20th, at the Barclays Center at 8pm EST.

Cena v. Rusev Announced for Battleground


After returning last night on Smackdown Live, John Cena was interrupted by an also-returning Rusev, who didn’t take too kindly to Cena’s warm welcome, and his snubbing. The two proceeded to get into a verbal sparring match, and Cena challenging Rusev to a flag match.

After he “respectfully” declined, the two got into it, ending up Daniel Bryan announcing on Twitter that the match will take place at Battleground on July 23rd. With Cena admitting during the segment that he’s winding his career down, hopefully this is the start of him using his fame to put over a few other superstars, and their futures.

WWE 2K18 Cover Revealed


This morning, on SportsCenter, WWE superstar Seth Rollins revealed that he’s the new cover star for this year’s WWE 2K18. He did so with a kick-ass reveal trailer for the game, calling back to many of the games past classic cover stars and DLC characters.

You can hit the jump to get a full look at this year’s cover, and cover star, Seth Rollins, along with the announcement trailer.

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CM Punk Offered $1M to Return to Ring


So, because I love it, and because this is my site, we’re going to start covering a bit of wrestling, as well. Our first bit of news? 5 Star Wrestling out of the United Kingdom has officially put an offer on the table for acclaimed and divisive superstar, CM Punk, stating they’ll give him $1 million to come on tour with them.

In an interview with Gary Stonehouse of The Sun, 5 Star Wrestling founder Daniel Hinkles had this to say about his attempt:

“We’ve been trying to contact CM Punk on and off for well over a year. We wanted him on the first show we did in Edinburgh in 2015. I’ve tried going through friends in the industry, I’ve gone through his website and sent dozens of emails but the opportunity has never been this big. We want to offer CM Punk $1 million dollars to come and join the 5 Star Wrestling tour, starting June 10. It’s a genuine offer. We’d love to hear back from the man himself. We want to do this with him.”