Comic Books

Pull Box: August 14

This just got way more interesting. The banter between Green Arrow and Batman is always great, but the Riddler is the highlight of this entire series so far. Throw Vandal Savage, Gorilla City, and now Thanagar into the mix and you have the large scale cosmic story. Not to mention a faberge egg owned by Jonah Hex. This thing stretches generations, and it is awesome. It’s so lighthearted, but self-aware and intelligently written.

While Deadshot attempts to take down a jet full of CEO’s on their way to an environmental conference, Mr. Freeze readies his next plan, thanks to Luthor. The fun part of all of this? Bruce Wayne taking on Deadshot, not as Batman, but as his rich bachelor self. That’s always a good time, as no one ever expects it. Even Deadshot didn’t expect that one.

Holy cow, this is getting interesting. Amanda Waller snuck an invisible spy device into the Fortress of Solitude and listened to everything the heroes were saying. Then, she was ambushed by Leviathan, playing it cool as desperation started to kick in. She tried bluffing. Tried bargaining. Then, just as it all looked pretty hopeless, Superman himself shows up. This next issue is going to be quite the revelation.

I was a little worried that Hawkman would get a bit stale after his Indiana Jones style of adventuring didn’t last very long. But, once again, Lex Luthor has reinvigorated a book, with Shadow Thief becoming cause to introduce The Shade to the pages, as well as the Shadowlands. Both of which have not been seen in years, but were introduced in one of my favorite comic book runs of all time: James Robinson’s Starman. Maybe we’ll see Jack Knight, soon?

Not only does the Flash have a fantastic new artist, but Barry Allen has a new outlook on life. Using his speed and the knowledge that Commander Cold has, he built a Speed Lab to bring the family of Speedsters together, at long last. But, the twist at the end was brilliant. The Black Flash is the Speed Force personification of Death. Of course it wants to protect itself and will stop at nothing to destroy the newly released forces that are harming it. Now, how will they deal with the Black Flash?

Bringing one of the longest running stories in DC Comics to a close, Veronica Cale has been reunited with her daughter, and the gateway to and from Themyscira is stable. It only took 76 issues to bring it all together. Wow. But, Diana now has quite a problem. Aphrodite is dead, and a powered up Cheetah with the God Killer sword is on the loose, searching for a way in. This will most certainly not end well.

Poor Ben Grimm just can’t catch a break. He’s finally married to the girl of his dreams after decades, and he has one chance to spend time with her as a human and start a family. Then a ruthlessly aggressive Hulk, manipulated by Alicia’s Father shows up to beat him to a pulp and knock him out for the whole honeymoon. But, like they said… The Thing has officially beaten The Hulk fair and square, one-on-one. Good for him?

The X-Men continue to be the best thing in comic books, against all odds. The moment with Cyclops, Magneto, and Professor-X brainstorming how to stop a Sentinel invasion from starting in space was particularly incredible, with Cyclops seemingly back to his leader-like self. But, the revelations about Moira continue to be the biggest reveal in all of this, forcing the ebb and flow of history and events as we witness them. It’s phenomenal.

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