Comic Books

Pull Box: August 7

Bane has captured the city, and negotiated a deal with no Heroes allowed. Villains are either killed, or taken to Psycho Pirate to become slaves, and if the Bat-Family is found in the city, Alfred is killed. Batman is missing, but in the hands of Catwoman, waiting for him to wake up. This looks like quite the situation to be in for the Caped Crusader and his lost city.

DCeased has been upsettingly effective at hitting all the right notes to make this feel desperate and hopeless. Even grabbing characters like Captain Atom and proving them ineffective against the Anti-Life Equation and its endless spread of Death. It makes me wonder where this could be going, though? Destroying Earth? The Universe?

Oh, no! Jarro, what have you done?! In a desperate attempt to save the Justice League he connects them all psychically into thinking they’re battling with Legion of Doom, and winning. But, he’s doomed them all! Once again, Luthor proves to be several steps ahead of the Justice League and any plans that they have. It’s been some of the most brilliant plans a villain has ever had.

Putting Lois Lane into a highly realistic book about her reporting abilities on domestic government issues is the most timely and telling thing I think a company could have possibly done in today’s world. Coupled with the fantastic story-telling, the awesome addition of The Question, who seems to be associating with Lois a lot, lately, and the chemistry between Lois and her supporting cast, and you have quite a fantastic book.

Somehow this issue managed to be two completely different things. The first part was a familiar setting. Superman, in a boxing match, but this time he must outlast his equal on fair footings to win the information that he needs. The second part is unimaginably tragic. Lost in space, he’s found by an alien race of healers, and after being bonded with a family man healer, they’re connected, and Superman’s importance is brought to life. Superman will likely carry the weight of that sacrifice for the rest of his life.

An interesting tie-in to the Year of the Villain puts the spotlight on Sinestro, and reveals another potential cog in the machine that is the Legion of Doom. Now, the Justice League may have to deal with a regenerating Paragon, tricked by Sinestro into serving him through one of the most clever plans I’ve seen in a single issue in a while. Very reminiscent of Morrison’s more recent Green Lantern run.

I had thought that Morrison was starting to ground this story a bit, but before I knew it, he upped the absurd ante by a million times what he was previously on. This space opera featuring various Green Lanterns across the Multiverse would be awesome on its own, but throw in the confusion of what Morrison has created and it’s quite a tale. Eventually his stories tend to come together pretty well, so we’ll see where this ends up, but wow.

Why noone has thought to make Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman, a super spy up until this point is beyond me, because her skillset is perfect for this work. Partnered up with Black Widow, and you have quite the formidable pair. The trust in the reader that is shown in this book is fantastic, as we were just expected to know that Sue was keeping the alcohol in a bubble in her stomach, rather than explaining it to us. I greatly appreciate that.

It is not an understatement to say that House of X and Powers of X is one of the best things in comics, right now. The reveal of Moira MacTaggert’s mutant ability of reincarnation, retconning her many appearances into a single being is some Omega Level writing skill that elevates this book to something completely special in the grand scheme of things. Absolutely fantastic.

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