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Pull Box: July 31

It’s become crystal clear at this point that Last Knight on Earth is acting as an alternate timeline future for the current run of Justice League. The choice between Justice and Doom. Humanity’s corruption, and selfishness on full display. Snyder and Cappullo remain the most powerhouse duo in comics, with phenomenal artwork, and heartbreaking story-telling. The Speed Force Storms, and Omega. Dick Grayson as the leader of the Court of Owls. All genius in a world that is doomed.

Swamp Thing is, and always will be, one of the most incredible and fascinating characters in the DC Universe, and each time Justice League Dark chooses to focus on him is even better than the last. The Green is gone, and the Parliament of Flowers has taken reign. After choosing a new Guardian, Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man, betrayed him and stole his power creating an even more powerful villain for the League to tackle. Now, a newly powered Circe begins her own machinations. Perhaps creating her own Dark Legion of Doom?

The final piece of the puzzle before City of Bane kicks into full gear. Short stories showing the main players in the story, each with their own subtleties. The Joker story was particularly fantastic with a good amount of comedy and candor between the hero and villain who seem to have more chemistry than any other pair in comics. The Riddler story also had quite a bit of depth to it, with a riddle built directly into the pages for readers, explaining why Nygma chooses to constantly battle the Batman.

A bizarre annual issue for a book that continues to push the boundaries of weird. Morrison keeps coming up with the most mind-boggling aliens, and then couples them with even crazier stories. Strangely, the radio-wave aliens here greatly resembled the story going on over in DCeased, but mingled with the family dynamic of the Jordans, and Green Lantern’s nephew, the rarely used, Airwave. It’s fun when Morrison gets to grab characters from the fringes of DC’s history.

There was some serious payoff here with a lot of different stories being told. Diana has finally returned to the real Themyscira after years away from her home, and her family. She defeated Grail after she imprisoned Hippoylta and took over the realm with the Amazon’s deceiving her and allowing her to believe they followed her, in order to stay close. Now, the God Killer, which was transported away from Grail is in the hands of an even more deadly foe, Cheetah, as Lex Luthor has once again gifted another fantastic story upon us all.

It was about time they brought the Puppet Master, Alicia’s Father, into the fold. Now that Ben and her are married, it was something they had to deal with eventually. Coupled with Ben’s annual rock molting where he gets to turn into a human again for a short time, and you haev quite the recipe for disaster. Particularly when the Hulk is thrown into the mix as the Chief Puppet. Marvel’s First Family has been one of their high points for a company that honestly keeps getting better each year.

Packed to the brim with exposition and flash-forwards, Powers of X was as mysterious and ominous as it was confusing. A look into the future of Charles Xavier’s attempt at Mutant peace with the Nation of Krakoa shows that his efforts were not only futile, but doomed the existence of both in the end. How we get to the point of humanity and mutants both being nearly wiped out by Nimrod and the Machine Ascendancy is another question entirely. Perhaps one that can be averted?

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