New Trailer for City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

The official website for the upcoming adaptation of Tsukasa Hojo’s classic manga, City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes has debuted a new full trailer for the film, with plenty of new footage and surprises. The trailer even reveals that the titular trio of sisters from Hojo’s Cat’s Eye manga will appear in the film.

The film sees the return of much of the original cast and crew from previous adaptations, including director Kenji Kodama. You can hit the jump to check out the full cast of returning, and new characters. City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes hits theaters in Japan on February 8th.

The returning cast members include:

  • Akira Kamuya as Ryo Saeba
  • Kazue Ikura as Kaori Makimura
  • Harumi Ichiryusai (Youko Asagami) as Saeko Nogami
  • Tessho Genda as Umibozu
  • Mami Koyama as Miki
  • Keiko Toda pulling double-duty as Hitomi and Rui of Cat’s Eye
  • Chika Sakamoto as Ai of Cat’s Eye

The new cast members include:

  • Marie Iitoyo as Ai Shindō, a model that hires Ryo as a bodyguard
  • Koichi Yamader as Shinji Mikuni, a childhood friend of Kaori
  • Houchu Ohtsuka  as Vince Englert, a mysterious arms dealer
  • Yoshimi Tokui of the comedy duo Tutorial as Conita

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