King of Fighters: Destiny Season Finale Now Online


This is it! The season finale of our King of Fighters: Destiny coverage. I hope you’ve been following along, because this has been a surprisingly great free anime that’s been airing on YouTube for fans of the series.

We’ll be getting a second season later this year, so be sure to catch up if you’re behind. Hit the jump to check out finale, or a list of episodes to catch up with.

Episode 24: Destiny

Rugal has achieved the power of a god and the fighters try their best to take him down. Revenge, love, hate, ambition…THE KING OF FIGHTERS gets chaotic in this final epic battle! The destinies of these KOF fighters cross and give birth to a new history!

Episode 1+2: Here

Episode 3: Here

Episode 4: Here

Episode 5: Here

Episode 6: Here

Episode 7: Here

Episode 8: Here

Episode 9: Here

Episode 10: Here

Episode 11: Here

Episode 12: Here

Episode 13: Here

Episode 14: Here

Episode 15: Here

Episode 16: Here

Episode 17+18+19: Here

Episode 20: Here

Episode 21: Here

Episode 22: Here

Episode 23: Here


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