King of Fighters: Destiny New Episodes


After our coverage of the awesome King of Fighters: Destiny had faltered, thanks in part to SNK’s release of episodes slowing down, we’re finally back on track. Things are heating up in newer episodes, with the King of Fighters tournament finally beginning.

Hit the jump to watch episodes 10-13, with two of the episodes releasing this morning in Japan.

Episode 13: Trap

Kyo and his teammates struggle with the American Sports Team who show signs of the Orochi power. Meanwhile, Terry heads to Gesse Tower to rescue Angelina, despite knowing it’s a trap.

Episode 12: Shadow of Evil

The first KOF match starts out with a bang, with all eyes on the event. Benimaru struggles in his battle against Brian, as he continues to stand back up no matter how many times he is beaten by Benimaru. The crowd becomes uneasy as they watch Brian’s eerie performance.

Episode 11: Ready Go!

Angelina is ordered to kill Terry by poisoning him. A blond haired kid suddenly appears and pretends Terry is his dad to escape trouble. Soon afterwards, the KOF tournament gets underway at the stadium. The audience gets hype as the fighters prepare to battle it out!

Episode 10: Side Story – Nikaido Benimaru

No one could stand a chance against Benimaru until he met Kyo. Benimaru begs Kyo for a re-match before mysterious men in black suddently surround Kyo. The men confront and attack Kyo in front of Benimaru. How will Benimaru react to this unexpected brawl!?

Episode 1+2: Here

Episode 3: Here

Episode 4: Here

Episode 5: Here

Episode 6: Here

Episode 7: Here

Episode 8: Here

Episode 9: Here


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