New Comic Books: July 5


Last week was such a massive week for comics, that it’s only natural this week would feature next to nothing. Marvel had no major reads this week, and DC only featured 2 of the Trinity in their solo books. Simple week, with admittedly some lackluster stories going on, as things start to wind up in anticipation of the rest of the summer.


My recommendation for the week, Batman #26, continued the prelude to the War of Jokes and Riddles, as Bruce talks about the mysterious event in more detail, and recounts it to Selina Kyle. The Riddler and Joker have concluded they both want to kill the Batman, but can’t allow the other to do so, and as such, have started recruiting the other rogues to their sides, leaving dead in their wake. It’s a somber, slow-moving story that is clearly building up to a head. It will be interesting to see where it leads to the rest of the summer.


Likewise, we have the polar opposite in Superman #26, as Clark remembers his experience as a child with Jonathan Kent teaching him to make better decisions instinctively, and Clark attempting to learn to do the same with Jon. This one had few interesting quirks about it, and showed a realistic take on trying to reason with your children as a parent. Especially, I would imagine, if they can do what Jon can, and have Damian Wayne as a, quote-unquote, friend. It’s worth reading if only to see the continued growth of Jonathan Kent, who is quickly turning into a fantastic new character for the Rebirth series.


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