FLCL 2+3 Confirmed for 2018

Fans of the early-2000 [adult swim] rejoice! The classic 6-episode OVA that enthralled many of us in our youth is officially getting a sequel. Well, 2 sequels, actually. 12 episodes, separated into two 6-episode seasons have been confirmed for 2018. The fan-favorite psychedelic manga is considered a classic in the realm of American anime, and paved the way for many of us to be interested in more obscure series.

Now, we’re getting a sequel! Complete with the return of The Pillows taking on musical duties! Supervising director for the series is Katsuyuki Tomohiro from Production IG, who acted as Chief Director for Psycho-Pass season 1. Production I.G., who worked alongside Gainax on the original series, as handling animation duty.


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