Top 5 Games at E3 2017


This year was huge for the video game industry at the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo. The major players all brought out the big guns, with some of the best moments and shock surprises in recent memory hitting the stage. It was hard to narrow it down to my favorites, but after some deliberation, here it is.

Hit the jump to check out my Top 5 Games at E3 2017.

5. Shadow of the Colossus

No one in their right mind would have thought we would ever see a full 4K remake of Shadow of the Colossus. Especially after getting the beautiful HD remaster we received on the PlayStation 3. But this is not a remaster. This is a fully remade from the ground up recreation of the original game, with new textures, and running fully on the PS4 Pro. It’s a wonder to look at, and will probably make most of us with a 4K tv cry.

4. Super Mario Odyssey

It was inevitable we would see more of Super Mario Odyssey at this year’s E3. It was not expected, however, for the game to be this weird and endearing. It’s one of the strangest Mario titles ever made, with Mario’s hat gameplay taking the forefront right now. The game capped off a year full of strange and memorable moments, and was easily the highlight of the show for many, with demo lines reaching hours in wait-time.

3. Spider-Man

This was another inevitability as Spider-Man has been a “surprise” focal point for the PlayStation E3 keynote for 3 years in a row. With the games unveiling coming two years ago, and last year’s more refined look at the game. This year, we finally got to see gameplay, and the reveal of Mr. Negative as one of the game’s primary villains. The wait looks worth it already, as gameplay is fast, fluid, and reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games in all the best ways.

2. Beyond Good and Evil 2

Easily one of the most memorable moments in E3 history happened at this year’s Ubisoft keynote (never expected to say that). The lights fade out, and an unknown trailer begins to play. Many of us quickly realize what it is, but the new visuals and characters are jarring, but fun. We watch the beautiful cinematic, and that logo appears on screen: Beyond Good and Evil 2. The crowd goes wild, and creator, Michael Ancel, takes the stage. With tears in his eyes, he thanks everyone for not giving up on his dream project. For giving him the drive and motivation to make the best game he could possibly make. We’re all speechless, and the passion shown for video games on that stage was raw, authentic, and exactly the type of moments we love these shows for.

1. Dragonball Fighter Z

It was a lot to grapple with, not making Beyond Good and Evil 2 my Game of Show for this year’s E3. But I had to do it. Look at this game. It’s madness on top of madness, on top of the most beautiful anime-like visuals I have ever seen in a video game. Couple that with classic-style DBZ fighting game play-styles, and you have a recipe for an amazing game, and easily my biggest surprise of the year.



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