PhE3: Ubisoft Recap


To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much from Ubisoft, but they went out and just absolutely blew my expectations away. This was a phenomenal show with some genuinely great moments. Seeing Shigeru Miyamoto on a stage other than Nintendo was jarring in such a pleasant way, and he seemed happy to be there.

The big moment, though… came at the end. After years of work, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now officially official with a new look and characters. Acting as a prequel to the first game, it’s an open world sci-fi adventure, and it blew my socks off.

Hit the jump for a full look at Ubisoft’s wonderful presentation of upcoming games.

They opened the show with one of the big guns: the official announcement Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Right after announcing it, they then brought the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto on stage to talk about it, and it was something else. Wonderful to see him excited about the game, and to see him on a stage other than Nintendo, at all. The game is an interesting turn-based combat title with some very interesting mechanics, available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Next up was expectedly Assassin’s Creed: Origins. The more I see of this game and its setting, the more intrigued I am, and I can’t wait to get closer to launch to see them dig into it more.

A new IP was also unveiled, titled Skull & Bones it seems to be the game we all expected them to make using the Black Flag ship battle mechanics. A beautiful looking pirate title where players taken the reins of a fleet of pirate ships and battle for loot, while attempting to stay alive against Pirate Hunters, and the sea itself.

A mysterious partnership with Spectrevision was also announced, with a new VR title called Transference.

The Crew 2 fills the racing void that they totally had (not really) and sees players attempt to take the entire world of American motorsports by storm. Planes, street racing, boats, and off-road racing are the focus.

Another new IP from Ubisoft was also announced that merges No Mans Sky with Skylanders. Starlink: Battle for Atlas allows players to build starships using customizable toys, while defending their people and exploring the worlds of a system named Atlas.

Also, in what is probably the most genius partnership imaginable for a title like this, STEEP is getting an expansion in December to cross-promote the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Far Cry 5 also received a new trailer, and some gameplay that will hopefully make Boomer: Fangs for Hire famous.

Lastly, in what is arguably the best moment of this year’s show so far, Michael Ancel took to the stage and revealed Beyond Good & Evil 2, a prequel to the first game that puts players in an open world in a sci-fi adventure setting. It looks breathtaking, and seeing the passion everyone involved is what makes video games so amazing.


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