Animaniacs Getting a Reboot?!


One of the most legendary and beloved cartoons of all time may be getting a reboot, according to IndieWire. After the success of Fuller House on Netflix, and the renewed love for Animaniacs after its debut on Netflix last year, Amblin Entertainment and Steven Spielberg are supposedly working on a reboot. The show currently has no home, and is very much in the early stages, but nostalgia is big business these days. Animaniacs starred the Warner siblings: Yakko, Wakko, and Dott, who had been trapped in Warner Bros. lot tower since the 1930’s, now escaped into the modern world.

Animaniacs won eight Daytime Emmy Awards during its run, as well as a Peabody Award. With well-known voice actors Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell, Sherri Stoner and Maurice LaMarche reviving the classic cartoon as live stage shows recently, it’s no wonder we’re seeing these talks today.


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