5 Games Sega Should Revive


SEGA unveiled their Road to 2020 last week, showcasing their plans to restore their former glory in the world of gaming across Japan, and the rest of the globe. It’s a fascinating look at a company desperate to get back to their roots. In the lofty plan, they reveal a plan to revive older game IP’s for modern home consoles to restore some of their older player base.

Their history of innovative titles consists of a Who’s Who of blockbuster games in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Some have seen themselves revived, in not-so-good fashion. While others haven’t seen the light of day since. Hit the jump for my Top 5 picks of Games that Sega should revive.

5. Altered Beast


One of the most well-regarded titles of its age, Altered Beast was a Genesis main-stay and remains one to this day. SEGA attempted a modern revival of the IP on the PlayStation 2, to very little fanfare. Now, the time is right. Resurrect Altered Beast, in the vein of Dark Souls. A large-scale brawling RPG set in Ancient Greece. Players could traverse different parts of classic battles and settings, a la God of War, and power themselves up to becoming the beast, and clearing the battlefield. It’s an easy sell in a gaming landscape where Dark Souls and its sequels are so highly regarded.

4. Outrun


The 80’s retro style is no more prevalent in anything other than OutRun. A classic “driving” game (not racing) developed by Yu Suzuki for arcades, OutRun saw both critical and commercial success at its peak. It has seen several sequels and remakes, but nothing substantial. However, with Forza Horizon pushing the boundaries between simulator and absurd, paired with the return of 80’s synthwave style, OutRun would flourish as a gorgeous beach-side driving simulator with classic and modern super-cars at the forefront.

3. Comix Zone


Comix Zone is an innovative platform-brawler that saw players take control of Sketch, a starving comic book artist who gets trapped in the pages of his own creation by a mutant warlord named Mortus. The game is famous for its visual style, as players traverse across the various panels of a comic book, with dialogue rendered in speech bubbles. It’s a no-brainer that the visual style would translate incredible in today’s gaming landscape, with cel-shaded styles such as Borderlands pushing the envelope. You could even keep it’s platformer-status, with the updated 3D graphics, and it would be incredible.

2. Vectorman


Another legendary platformer title that would transition incredibly well with current generation graphic standards is the iconic Vectorman. A run-and-gun game that saw players take control of an Orbot who has been tasked with stopping the villain Warhead. Vectorman was SEGA’s answer to Donkey Kong at the time, and they succeeded in every aspect when conceiving this game. When I was a kid, there was no one cooler than Vectorman, and his initially simplistic style could be advanced to incredible heights today.

1. Jet Grind Radio


The fact that we haven’t had a new Jet Grind title since the original Xbox is absolutely criminal. Jet Grind Radio (titled Jet Set Radio in Japan), is a 3rd person action game where players take control of Beat, the leader of the GG’s. A skater gang that attempts to take over the city with ultra-stylish skating and graffiti tagging, before then saving said city from the evil Goji Rokkaku, the head of an evil mega-corporation that’s got his hands on a vinyl record that summons demons. It’s intense, fluid, fun, and so stylish that it should be outlawed. We saw a sequel for the original Xbox, titled Jet Set Radio Future, and since then, not a peep in the franchise outside of a few ports and remasters. This definitely tops my list for IP’s that SEGA should revive in the future.


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