The First Full Gifted Trailer

The first full trailer for Bryan Singer’s new X-Men television show, The Gifted, has finally hit, and it’s honestly a lot better than I was expecting. The more personal story of mutant persecution sees a family on the run after their children are outed as powerful mutants, with a few well-known X-Men names thrown in for good measure, such as Blink, Polaris, and Thunderbird.

The visuals in the trailer are immensely beautiful, and the story already seems much more interesting than I initially thought. Stephen Moyer’s character, Reed Stucker, the father in said family, is actually a high-level agent of a shadow organization that imprisons mutants, but when his own children become involved, he refuses to give in to the organization, and betrays them all. That alone gives this quite a few more layers than I was expecting. The last TV show from these characters, Legion, was a massive success, so I’m hoping for the best with this one.


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