New Comic Books: May 10


It is a remarkably slow week this week, for comics. No major events moved forward, and even the largest mainstream canon book we were given was a flashback, that did little more than give a bit more character development between Wonder Woman and Veronica Cale.

Next week is looking at being a massive week, so I suppose this is simply the calm before the storm as far as that’s concerned.


The only major release this week in mainstream continuity, we get a look at the first meeting between Wonder Woman, and Veronica Cale. Diana has gone full-celebrity, and attends a fundraiser, where even richer celebrities can bid to take her out for a night on the town. A fun moment where Bruce Wayne, and Lex Luthor is then interrupted by Ms. Cale, who outbits them by almost $10 million. She then cleverly uses the date as a means of tricking Diana into “protecting” her, and using the Lasso of Truth’s frequency in an attempt to find the location of Themyscira.

It’s a clever ruse, that does wonders for the character of Veronica Cale, and showing how resourceful and cunning she can be when given time to plan, and execute. However, after the moment, when Diana reveals she knows more about Cale than she originally let on, it immediately gives the power back to Wonder Woman, showing she’s not a fool when it comes to those she interacts with. All in all, it was a solid issue that did little more than develop characters and their relationship further.


The only other release this week, we start a new arc with Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman, titled The First Ally. It looks like we’re finally getting an Alfred-centric story, revolving around the storied butler’s history during the punk rock era in London. We’re also getting pirates, Hush, and a crazy red herring called The Genesis Engine. All of this, proving that Scott Snyder can make virtually anything work in comics given the right amount of care.

A fun read, with gorgeous artwork, and all the ridiculous ideas that make comic books such a wonderful medium, All-Star Batman is Scott Snyder at his very best. The book takes some twists and turns, and appears to be heading toward introducing a new villain, which given Snyder’s history, is most certainly a skill he has perfected.



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