SyFy’s Krypton Trailer (Not Official?)

So, a trailer for the long in-production television series from SyFy, known as Krypton, has made its way onto Vimeo. The trailer has since been pulled from YouTube, due to a breach of terms, which leads is authenticity into question. However, judging by the production values on this, and just how incredible it looks, it’s hard to imagine this being a fan production.

Krypton is set before the destruction of Superman’s homeworld, and details the events that lead into the demise of the once-great race of Kryptonians. The show is meant as a Games of Thrones-esque political thriller, set to the backdrop of a comic book-inspired world of science fiction. It also seems to be the first television show that may tie directly into the DC Entertainment Universe, and Man of Steel. Considering David Goyer is the showrunner, and he co-wrote Man of Steel, and Batman v. Superman, this isn’t too shocking, but it is quite exciting. I definitely implore everyone to check it out. Initially, I had no interest in this show, but after seeing this, if this is real, you can consider my interest piqued to its maximum levels.

UPDATE: SyFy has removed the trailer, as this show has not been picked up as a series, and was never meant to be released online. The network is still reviewing the pilot. I have attached a video with screenshots in the meantime.


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