WonderCon Wrap-Up

file1This weekend was WonderCon, and while the show was massive fun, I admittedly didn’t spend a whole lot of time there, aside from that one entire day spent in the exhibitor hall. I’ve never been much of a panel person, aside from a few notable exceptions. However, I live for the exhibitor hall at conventions. Seeing all of the dealers, and companies putting on their best dog and pony show to sell their wares is always my favorite thing to watch, and picking through all the goodies and free stuff is always fun. This show didn’t exactly have much in the way of swag, sadly, but it was still just as fun as usual to be in the thick of it all.

Hit the fold for my thoughts on WonderCon 2017!


The largest booth at this year’s show seemed to be DC Entertainment, as usual. Displaying the Wonder Woman costume, with buses and billboards showing a piece of key art for Gal Gadot’s Diana, and the words WONDER CON emblazoned across it. It was an incredibly catchy way to promote the film at the largest comic convention in the country that’s left before the film’s release. Marvel however, decided their most important thing to promote was a series of car goodies, like Iron Man-themed shift knobs, and drift charms. A bit disappointing, to say the least.


There was plenty of cool stuff on display as far as props and replicas go, with The Flash and the CWTV Universe making a particularly huge impact on this front. Not that I’m mad or anything, as every Barry Allen I saw, had a Wally West in tow, and it had me smiling larger each and every time. The cosplayers were especially great this year, with plenty of original creations roaming the show floor. Overwatch and Voltron were represented in massive numbers, and even Moana had essentially the entire cast represented at some point through the show.


My beautiful Wife even went to the show dressed as the incredible Moon Girl, complete with a handmade Omni-Wave Projector!


My only real complaint with the show were many of the prices for this year seemed to be higher than years past. Especially related to items that I was personally looking at (*sigh*). The occasional piece of Evangelion merch, which was sadly lacking this year, was usually priced higher than everything else. But, the Godzilla items, both classic and the newer Shin Godzilla, were so jacked in price that everything seemed essentially untouchable in most cases. At one booth, I found a red crystal Shin Godzilla vinyl figure priced at double its going-rate. With that in mind, I didn’t exactly come away with much in the way of merchandise at this year’s show.

So, while the show may have been a dud in terms of swag, it was most certainly not lacking in fun, as we spent most of the day with our good friend Jimmy, of Been Better Comic, which I very much suggest you check out. We walked the entire show several times through the day, perusing the goods, and running into familiar faces all over the place. It was relaxing, and wonderful to be back in the thick of a convention, and with Phoenix Comic-Con next month filling up more and more each month, it’s looking to be a great year for many of the things I love.


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